How effective are mock tests ?

Delhi University has finally initiated mock tests for final year students as examination are currently scheduled to be held in August .

The Delhi high court, has asked the university to submit the number of students who had taken the mock test on Tuesday as to assess the situation at hand and address the problems that many students are being subjected to.

It hasn’t been a smooth process for many ;  from login to uploading answer sheets, students faced difficulties at almost every step.

DU uploaded a general question paper asking students to write about the impact of Covid-19 on their life, prompting students to question the point of having the mock test. Other questions included writing a note on a topic of a student’s choice from the syllabus and application of his subject for the society, especially in India.

However many objected to its structure of  mock papers  : as according to students, there’s no point in taking a general question paper, when the actual examination will be subject-specific.

They believe that mock  tests are only effective when they mimic the real thing. Students get the sense of participating in a test without actually partaking in it and feel the authorities and officials have failed them again .