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They say it is important to Never Give up. Why would this be true ? What would happen if we simply give up on life ?

Well, the moment you try to leave things to happen on their own. Or when you simply stop putting in efforts, you loose the game of life. Life is not mere a compilation of days which need to passed. Rather it is a game which needs to played in full swings.

“Never Give Up” is a phrase which all of us need to tie upto. Only then will we be able to succeed. Life never said that it is going to be easy. It has never been easy for anyone. And we are not any special for sure. So, how can the occurence of events be considerate for us.

It wont. So, how to win this game then ? There is just one golden rule. That is to not feel fed up with things. Never feel that you wont be able to do it. You are infinite and remember this till eternity. Anything in this world cannot be impossible. All it requires is a little bit of perseverance, determination and a strong will to NEVER GIVE UP.

Remember why you started and keep saying it to yourself. It brings immense energy all of a sudden to  achieve the goal. Keep in mind that CONSISTENCY is the key. You might fail once, twice or thrice. But will surely reach to the top in the end.

Never forget that a smooth sea never made a PERFECT sailor. All the hurdles in your path simply carve your strengths and make you a diamond full of shine. Beat the bull by its horns and simply get into it. No matter what the result would be, make a jump.

And remember, EVERYTHING IS EASY !


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