Delhi's location is the reason it suffers smog every winter — Quartz India

It is that time of the year when Delhiites long for a clear blue sky. These days we smell and taste pollution whenever we close our eyes. Stepping out is not a piece of cakewalk now for many. The shift of concern from Covid to Pollution in Delhi is happening now. And the worst part is that we in general are not able to do anything to solve it.

Whenever it comes to the AQI, Delhiites are always on the top. It might sound quite classy right now for us to be on the top. But, the actual pain is also felt only by the people living here. The rampant irritation in eyes, frequent chokeness are all the results of our bad deeds.

Some say, Dilwaalon ke yaahan pollution bhi dil khol ke aata hai. But, are the Delhi people the only ones to be blamed for this pollution here. We all know the stubble burning is one of the most major causes of this severe AQI. And this stubble burning happens in Punjab and Haryana, not In Delhi.

Delhi people are blamed for this pollution very easily. It seems to everyone that we feel pleasure into letting this happen. Just now saw the story of one of my Delhi friend. He said that he will not use his bike for a few days until the pollution levels stir down. And that’s amazing. What if all of us try to put in some little efforts like these on our own.

The roadway to it is not easy. But Delhi has to fight it back. Pollution is real. Pollution wouldn’t harm just a specific group of people. It will harm us all. And therefore it is important that we take a call soon.