EPIC Number in Voter ID: The Insights

EPIC Number in Voter ID: The Insights

What is the EPIC number:

The full form of EPIC is the Election Photo Identity Card which is a unique identity number that is given to each person who registered for voting. The EPIC number is often called a voter identity card which incorporates ten to twelve alphabets and numerals series. These are unique numbers allotted by the Election Commission of India. A voter identity card is considered one of the proofs for Indian citizens. This acts as a key identifier, as it ensures integrity and transparency.

Where do we find the EPIC number?

EPIC numbers can be found either on the front or back side of the voter identity card. Usually, it is printed in larger size to make it visible. This can be printed on the top or bottom of the voter identity card. Additionally, it can also be printed along with personal details on the back side of the voter ID for the latest versions.

How is the Election Photo Id number generated?

The EPIC number is generated by using a special structure to make them unique and clear. Each number or alphabet denotes distinct information. The first three digits express the states or union territory where the voting person resides for example if a person registered for voting in the Tamil Nadu district he gets TN as the first element.

The following three elements denote code for hu the assembly constituency. India has over five hundred constituencies. The next three elements indicate the number of constituencies in that particular state.

The next continuous number is distinct for each voter and the series is obtained by the constituency of the state.

The final digit is calculated based on certain formulas to make it accurate. This number acts as a checklist. 

How can we find Election Photo ID numbers online?

We can find EPIC numbers online by accessing the National Voters Service Portal. Fill in all the necessary details including name, date of birth, father’s name and more. Copy the captcha and find your number.

Use of e-EPIC:

This can be downloaded from the respective websites and we can get the PDF format of the e-EPIC identity card. Moreover, it can be printed and laminated to use as a voter ID. Moreover, it can be uploaded to the Digi locker as it is considered valuable digital proof. To download e-EPIC go to the website and enter the EPIC number or Reference number, an OTP will be sent to the mobile number to download the voter identity card.

Prominent uses of Election photo ID number:

EPIC number is created for specific reasons and its advantages are comparably more. Let’s see the uses of EPIC numbers in the election process

To count the number of registered votes: This number aids in identifying how many people registered for voting and making sure all of them are above the desired age limit which is implemented by the Election Commission of India.

To ensure transparency in the election: To avoid any illegal activities, the Election Commission of India incorporated a unique EPIC number. This offers a transparent election in India.

Helps in Voting: EPIC number is one of the significant things in casting a vote. People with voter ID and EPIC numbers are allowed in the voting process.

Accessing election-related services: Applying for a voter ID, making changes in the ID and checking the status of the voter ID are some of the services that need an EPIC number.

Shielding from Fraudulent activities: The most heard conspiracy during elections is casting votes for another person by hiding their own identity. The EPIC number helps in detecting multiple votes from the same voter ID.

At the time of the election, it is necessary to learn about the Election Photo Identity Card and its uses. Acknowledging EPIC will enlighten the person who is going to cast their votes in the upcoming election process. Voting is our right as an Indian citizen, and learning the terms and services that are related to elections is also mandatory. Many people will have only a vague knowledge about the elections and their terms, but it is necessary to gain insights as the voter. 

“Learning the voting terms is as important as voting for the elections.”






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