Mock Exams Of DU: BMS Students Complain As No Test Papers Were Uploaded

Mock Exams Cause Problem For Final Year Students of DU

Mock Exams for Open Book Exams (OBE) of Delhi University is again into the news and for all the wrong reasons. Recently the OBE portal again crashed many times, when the students tried to login for giving the mock tests.

BMS Students Complain Of No Test Papers In The OBE Portal

Additionally, the students of Business Management Studies of the university could not access any of the test papers in the three days. This period of mock tests is the first phase of the same. The reason for the same is that no mock papers were available on the portal. They were not uploaded. When the students reach the teachers, they were informed that it was a mistake from the end of the University. Additionally, the teachers and professors are as helpless as the students.

Further, the mock tests began from July 27 and came to an end on July 29. However, the students of this course could not access their test papers as no papers were available. Moreover, students from various other disciplines also had complaints regarding the same.

Harshita Runthala, a students of MSc Statistics from Lady Shri Ram College also complained regarding not finding papers. She said, ” We had two days slotted for the mock test but when I logged in, I did not find even one paper on July 27.”

Additionally, Rohan Kumar, a students of BMS from Shaheed Sukhdev College also informed his problems. He said,” “We expected at least an old question paper to be uploaded on the portal but nothing was there. We called our teachers and they said that maybe we will get one slot on the last day — July 29 – but that did not happen either.”

Moreover, Roshan also threw light on the new format. Additionally, the new format asks the students to upload each page of the answer sheet separately. Rohan added, ” “It is difficult to upload a compiled file in the first place. If we have to upload 40 to 50 pages of answer sheets then it becomes 40 times harder to upload.”



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