LinkedIn Research: 15 Skills in demand which you should learn

Its not new information that working and learning is going digital and the corporate atmosphere is changing. In this economy, everyone is worried about how to get hired. Students especially are working more on growing their skills every day, working on resumes and looking for internships. Here is a list of 15 skills which are in demand right now. Many e-learning platforms are available where you can learn these skills from the comfort of your home and use this time productively.

The Soft Skills Companies Need Most in 2020 (Source: LinkedIn)

1) Creativity

Connecting dots—that are seemingly unrelated—to generate original, useful solutions is an incredibly valuable skill in every employee, regardless of what industry or country you’re doing business in.

2) Persuasion

Persuasion is convincing others to buy into your idea or a different way of doing things to build consensus or make a decision. It’s one of the most powerful communication skills for all employees to have in their skillset.

3) Collaboration

People who can work effectively and efficiently to achieve a common goal—or influence others to the right end game.

4) Adaptability

The only constant in life—and in business—is change. Employees who thrive in a dynamic environment and bounce back quickly in the face of challenges are the ones who can handle anything that comes their way.

5) Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to perceive, evaluate, and respond to your own emotions and the emotions of others. New to the most in-demand skills list this year; emotional intelligence underscores the importance of how employees interact with each other.

The Hard Skills Companies need most in 2020 (Source: LinkedIn)

1) Blockchain

Blockchain is typically used to support cryptocurrency. But blockchain’s novel way to store, validate, authorize, and move data across the internet has evolved to securely store and send any digital asset. As companies explore how to take advantage of this technology, they have a huge need to build this skillset, as it is extremely difficult to hire for.

2) Cloud Computing

Today, companies are built and run on the cloud. They need talent who have the skills to help them drive technical architecture, design, and delivery of cloud systems like Microsoft Azure.

3) Analytical Reasoning

Today, data is the foundation of every single business. Organizations want talent who can make sense of it and uncover insights that drive the best decisions for the business.

4) Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) augments the capabilities of the human workforce. The people who can harness the power of AI, machine learning, and natural language processing, are the ones who can help your organization deliver more relevant, personalized, and innovative products and services

5) UX Design

It seems like the average attention span of consumers decreases every year and they have no patience for products that aren’t intuitive. Organizations need more expertise to help them build more human-centric products and experiences.

6) Business Analysis

Business analysis made the most significant jump of any skill on our list and it’s one of the few hard skills every professional should have, as most roles require some level of business analysis to make decisions.

7) Affiliate Marketing

With the decline of traditional advertising and the rise of social media, affiliate marketing is rapidly rising as a must-have hard skill. Affiliate marketing leverages influencers on social media to tie their brand to personal experiences and stories of an influencer in their target audience.

8) Sales

You’d be hard pressed to find a company that doesn’t need great sales people—those who can effectively manage a sales team, the ability to understand the sales funnel, work with cross-functional partners, and sell into the highest levels of the business. That’s why it maintains it’s spot on the top hard skills companies need.

9) Scientific Computing

Scientific computing skills are held by data science professionals, engineers, and software architects. Companies need more professionals that can develop machine learning models and apply statistical and analytical approaches to large data sets using programs like Python, MATLAB, and others.

10) Video Production

Video continues to be top-of-mind for companies because the consumers have an insatiable appetite for watching videos. Cisco estimates that video will account for 82% of global internet traffic in 2022.

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