JNU Crack down: TV debates where anchors played judge and jury

Jawaharlal Nehru university of Delhi is among the oldest and most facilitated institution for students . A famous name is accompanied by controversies and allegations, so as the JNU. Around 3 lakh rupees are spent on one student of JNU from the taxpayers of India to continue their studies and research.
So what actually brought it in news, time and again ?
It is said that the founding stone of the university was established to create a atmosphere among the youth for higher studies and research facilities with a left wing ideology to tackle the SANGH PARIVAAR.
Delhi has been ruled by the NATIONAL CONGRESS for the maximum period of time since JNU was established. The ideology sprouted and now has taken an aggressive and rigorous face.
Such incidents gave an ” anti-national institution ” tag to JNU.
* A CRPF convoy was attacked by the Maoists in dantewada and it was celebrated as a victory in JNU.
* When the ” beef ban ” was in news , JNU students asked for beef in mess.
* The recent incident of 9th February , when few students with president kanhaiya kumar asked the administration to allow them to protest the hanging of AFZAL GURU – the terror head responsible for the attacks on parliament in 2001. He was a MBBS doctor and was hanged till death in 2013 .
The students of ABVP asked the administration that the protest is not legal and should be called off , the administration reacted and banned the use of mike and posters for the protest.
Umar Khalid pursuing M-Phil joined the march mid way with 20 covered faces as students allegedly taken as Kashmiris who made the protest violent and raised anti-national slogans , demanded the freedom of Kashmir and sang lyrics of MASRAT ALAM.
The protest would have remained in the college premises had not been joined by the Congress leader RAHUL GANDHI . HE backed the students to attack Modi govt. that they are trying to supress the voice of the youth and right to speech is being altered.
Media got decided into two wings. National and anti-national. The nation was filled with burning hearts of revenge , ready to take down any activity which could favour the happening in JNU. Friends and families were fighting each other over this issue.
Left wing , UPA paid, intellectuals and separatists tags were smashed on the chest who condemned the arrest of kanhaiya Kumar while Umar Khalid was on a run.
Few doctored tapes were circulated to raise the heat and anchors started providing certification of national and anti-national thoughts with roar and shouts. With no media ethics they ran stories and debates to gain TRP.
B.S bassi and home minister Rajnath Singh said that they have the solid papers to take down kanhaiya and imposed sedition charges which has clauses of life time imprisonment for anti-national activities .
Kanhaiya kumar was brought in the Patiala house court for the first hearing when the men in black coats crossed limits and dragged kanhaiya and smashed him crushing down with legs and punches. Media men were also beaten as they took them as JNU alumni.
Jadhavpur university joined the race but couldn’t create hype .
Why is this happening in such national universities ?
Where are we going ?
What happened to JNU after this ?
In crores of pending cases a new file of kanhaiya Kumar has been piled up , politicians took advantage and got out , Khalid surrendered and will face the court trial.
The question is .
Where was the administrative body?
Why un – verified tapes were run ?
Why the Police Commissioner and home minister gave such ill- credible statements ?
Why Modi kept shushh over the whole issue ?
More of such cases will come if the politics is not thrown out of the campuses.
We just cant let the 65% youth be divided into parts to fight for ideology and later join one party.
We have to limit the presence of politics else we will see a deadly dawn of the young India.

By Ayush Verma for DU Times

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