Are Reservations in Indian Education System justified?

The caste system has always been the rock in the progress of India and now the education system suffers with it too.

When Reservation was introduced in India, it helped in raising the financial status of the reserved category.For sure, people from those communities are better off today as compared to the earlier years.

But now, the number of people in the reserved category has significantly increased. Several general categories have started demanding for reservation creating chaotic consequences. This has not only caused trouble for the general category but also for the ones in their own category who actually need it.

The non-reserved miss opportunities because they are being deprived of it. They have become miserable in their condition and the general category itself seems like a minority now.Reservations are now being used in an unfair way. A meritorious student in a general category has to obtain 99% percentile while an OBC candidate has to just touch 80%. Fake caste certificates cases have also been found lately.

Reservation is not the answer to uplift a community. It does not make members of SC, ST or OBC categories great academicians. People who seek equal status should not make demands for reservation.Students performing on merit are being left out to create a space for the weaker section.

The education system needs a reform wherein primary education becomes compulsory and efficiently managed throughout. The government could increase the no. of seats in institutions to provide equal opportunities and also providing loans for education or bring about separate funds for that community.

If India wants to eliminate discrimination, then reservation is not a solution. There will always be divisions in the society. We can only move towards growth when we first bring about a change at the basic level and that is education.

By Pankhuri Verma for DU Times

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