International Baccalaureate in Delhi Schools

The International Baccalaureate board is going to become soon the knowledge partner of newly formed Delhi Board of School Education. Chief minister Of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal announced on Wednesday that Delhi government has signed an MoU with IB, an education board from Singapore that works with 159 countries.The board agreed to provide support to Delhi Board of School Education in curriculum and training for teachers. Kejriwal said in an online briefing, “Delhi Govt. has signed a deal with International Baccalaureate today,which is an education board from Singapore. It is an international education board to which the best schools in India and the world are affiliated. “Children from upper classes attend such schools as everyone can’t afford. It has agreements with more than 5000 schools across the world and it works with 159 countries. It has agreements with heads of the USA, Canada, Spain, South Korea etc,” said Delhi Chief Minister Mr. Arvind Kejriwal describing the board’s international repute and dealings.

The IBO known as the International Baccalaureate Organization is a non-profit foundation offering educational programmes and offerings whose headquarter is in Geneva, Switzerland.

“There are two systems of education in India, one for upper class and one for the middle or lower class. Poor children are sent to government schools while rich children are admitted to the private schools. Now the underprivileged children of India will also get international-level education. This will eradicate their lifestyle and poverty. We have always believed that education can vanish off poverty. This model will also give a new path to this nation and eradicate poverty at national level,” Chief Minister mentioned this during the briefing. After signing the agreement, Chief minister highlighted on social media that, Delhi Board of School Education signs an MOU today with International Baccalaureate. A big achievement and day for Delhiites. Nothing that International level experts will come to the schools and give the teachers a perfect training,he said, “These experts will also help in decision making and putting together a mode of assessment for children. The experts will visit the schools for inspection, verification and certification purposes too. They will help find the flaws and missings in the schools and rectify them. “Government schools used to be in the worst state. But ever since the government has come into power, they have brought drastic revolutionary changes in school education.The transformation and the infrastructure of the government schools, will provide international-level training to our teachers,” the CM also said.

Now Delhi’s Education Revolution will reach to its newer heights with Delhi Board School Education and the IB. This is for the first time in India. This is a very big step to ensure world class education for every child including the kids coming from poorest families.As per plan of the government at first thirty schools in Delhi will be affiliated under the International Baccalaureate (IB) board and twenty will be its new Schools of Specialised Excellence (SOSEs) and the remaining ten will be government Sarvodaya Vidyalayas in East Delhi this was mentioned by Deputy Chief Minister Mr.Manish Sisodia.



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