Record Increase in Population of Asiatic Lions in the Country In Last 5 Years

Gir Forests sees increase in population of Asiatic lions. Finally something good in 2020; something to cheer for the environmentalists. The Gir Forests, Gujarat records an increase of 29 % in the population of the Asiatic lions. Furthermore, the population of the lions have increased tremendously in last 5 years. The number has increased from 523 in year 2015 to 674 in 2020.

Gir Forests Sees Record Increase in Population of Asiatic Lions in last 5 years

Moreover, this period also witnessed an increase in the distribution region of lions. This increase was recorded as 36 % than before. While it was 22,000 sq km in 2015, it is now 30,000 sq km.

The Asiatic lions are found in the region of Saurashtra. Further, they cover a total of 9 districts in the state of Gujarat. They are found in protected and agro-pastoral areas of the region. The state has noticed continuous rise in the number of lions. The same has been enabled due to community participation, improvement in technology, etc. Other reasons behind the success are proper management, healthcare. Moreover, right steps were taken to preserve the lions in the state. The same has also happened because of less human-lion conflicts.

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi came forward and tweeted regarding the same. He further hoped to keep the trend going.

This years’ growth can be recorded as one of the highest in recent years. Last year too witnessed an increase in population of Asiatic lions in the Gir Forests.

This data of increase in population is compiled under “Poonam Avlokan of Asiatic Lions”. It is an exercise held by Gujarat Forest Department. 1400 members were deployed by forest department. These personnels use GPS location. Further, individual identification marks, radio-collar numbers are also used. This population estimation of Asiatic lions is conducted in the country in every 5 years.

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