Registration Process for DU Likely To Begin From June 20

Registration process of Delhi University (DU) likely to begin from June 20. But there will be no trials for extra curricular activities (ECA) and sports. The officials announced this on Wednesday, late night. Moreover, the step has been taken due to the ongoing pandemic.

The Standing Committee organized a meeting on Tuesday. Further, the registration process will likely to continue till 4th July, 2020. This will be applicable for all the courses, said a member of the meeting.

Registration for DU likely to begin from June 20; no trials for ECA and Sports

Moreover, the second window for registration will remain opened for updating the marks. This will happen once CBSE declares its results.

Furthermore, there will be no admissions from ECA, except for NSS and NSS. Only certificates will be applicable even for these two fields as no trials will be held. The member further added, that this step is taken keeping in mind the situation of coronavirus in the country.

Also, no trials for sports to be held either. Rather, admissions will be done on the basis of certificates only.

Another professor, who attended the meeting informed that the whole registration process will be conducted online. The students won’t be require to attend colleges for the same.

It was also decided that bona fide documents once submitted online on basis of which admission is permitted in college, cannot be rejected later. It cannot be declared unacceptable, except in case of forgery.

Further, the college has all permit to ask for all required information. They can do this through phone calls or through mails. The member further added that any changes regarding spelling of the name or any other such mistakes can be corrected from other documents. They cannot be rejected on such issues. Also, caste certificates may not be renewed, once made, cleared the member.

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