7 Things to do after semester exams!

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  1. Meet an old friend you have been waiting for: Didn’t get the time to meet that old school friend due to assignments, exams and internal tests from long time? This is the time, call him/her and make plans in advance.  After all the hard work, meeting that friend will definitely cheer you up.post 1
  2. Binge-watching: Download all the season of your favorite series that you wanted to watch but weren’t able to do so due to exams or maybe missed out on some due to this.
    post 2Watch them all in one go; this is the most common addiction with our generation these days.post 2 again
  3. Join hobby classes: Is there something that you have been wanting to learn from a long time? What are you waiting for? Yes, this is the right time; occupy this one month break learning or enhancing the skills that interest you. It could range from learning to dance, cook to joining yoga classes. You will hardly get any time to join these hobby classes once your college will reopen.post3
  4. Internship: Whether you are in first year, second year or the third year, you can always go for the option of internship, even if it is in some mediocre company it would hardly matter. What matters is experience you gain that has a value. Vacation is the best and the only time to go for internships.You can also register in Delhi University’s placement cell for internships.
    Here is the link for further help: http://placement.du.ac.in/ , after you open this link, under “students” section, go to registration. After studying those thick books and cramming tons of syllabus, if you get some exposure to practical knowledge through internship, I don’t think you should be missing it.
  5. Visit the cafes and lounges you have been eyeing on: Have you spent all your exam days fantasizing about the places and cafes that you want to visit after your exams end? Well, time to make it happen then. Pick a friend or two and wander about in all those places that were on your list so that you don’t regret it later once your college re-starts.post5
  6. Pick a short term course: There is no better time for enhancing your knowledge than vacations. Pick up some short term certified course that can even be added up in your CV and would give you an edge in a competitive field.
    You can explore these courses in Delhi University, it provides certain short term courses for one or two months. One can also go for a private institute as well, but getting a certificate from a government institute would be better for your CV.post6
  7. Are you a novel addict? : If you are, take up a book that interests you and start reading it. I am sure, it would at least occupy half of your month. Well, I am too going to engage in a novel this winter break, I have plenty of them lined up 😀post7

All in all whatever you do, make sure to do something productive, something for which you don’t get enough time during college hours. Make the best out of these days and have a happy and fulfilling vacation!

All the best to you, fellow student!

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