Here’s Why Maggi Is India’s National Food

Here’s Why Maggi Is India’s National Food

Maggi is something that everyone in India eats. Is there any other food that comes that close to being liked all over the country?

Diversity is India’s middle name. Wait. What is India’s last name again?

Anyway. There are very few countries which can match India when it comes to diversity. We have diverse everything. Food is one thing that is generally pretty diverse in all countries but India wins this race too by a distance.

We have thousands of different food items. All different from one another. Every state, every region having its own special food item. It’s a gastronomic adventure.

But is there one thing that we all like? Something that the North South East and West all eat? Something that almost no one criticises? Something which can be India’s national food?


In the words of our great advertisers…

Maggi! Maggi! Maggi!

If Mr Devakanta Barua were alive today, he would definitely say ‘Maggi is India and India is Maggi.’

Think about this. What is Maggi?

A universal quick fix solution to hunger. Who doesn’t like universal quick fixes? Definitely not India.

Maggi is very easy to make. No skill required. (If you ever manage to burn maggi while cooking, you probably should drown yourself in the same vessel that you were trying to cook in.)

Who all eat Maggi?


People who have jobs eat it because its quick to make. They eat it when they take a 15-minute sutta break. People who don’t have jobs eat it too. Late into the night when they are sending out resumes, Maggi becomes their support system. Plus, it’s cheap. Kids love Maggi. They grow up and become adults. Everything changes except for their love for Maggi. They grow old, teeth fall out. Maggi is still eatable. People who are lazy eat it because it’s less work to make something edible and tasty. Workaholics eat Cuppa Noodles on the move so that they can move around and eat at the same time. Maggi is your late night exam prep buddy. It was also sometimes part of your tiffin in school.

Add vegetable to it and it’s something health conscious people will enjoy. Add a lot of ketchup and extra masala and suddenly foodaholics will love it. Single and don’t have plans for the weekend? Maggi and movie night await you. Committed but don’t want to go out? Maggi and movie night await you. Complicated relationship? Maggi and late night stalking await you!

Maggi is also one of the very few food items which is universally accepted all over India. It’s mainly because no region can claim that they started Maggi. It’s something that just took over India like a revolution.

It’s a food item which although not entirely healthy is the closest we have to having a solution to widespread hunger in the country. Imagine a situation where we had a food item which was as easily accessible at various affordable rates throughout the country and was healthy. It could do more for solving the hunger situation in the country than the Food Security Bill ever will.

Anyway, if you ever want think India is way too divided and people need a unifying factor, just give everyone Maggi or show them a video of Sachin batting. Or. SACHIN EATING MAGGI!!!

Dream come true?


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