Healthy lifestyle in lockdown – Will we end up gaining weight ?

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Lockdown can be considered synonymous with a sedentary lifestyle because there is a very restricted physical activity at home. And with a sedentary lifestyle, comes the problem of gaining weight. The coronavirus pandemic seems to not end very soon and so is the case with lockdowns in India. The fear of gaining weight is striking students more harder as they will be waiting for Unlock 3 for their schools and colleges to reopen. Also, because of the cancellation of exams of many school and college students across the country , students are turning into a couch potato.But, a healthy lifestyle in lockdown can still be maintained. Just try to follow the steps listed below :

Watch out what you eat

Being at home, we do not require a lot of energy. Because  we are not doing the complex tasks. Therefore, we can cut down on our diet of carbohydrates and fats. They are the energy giving foods. If we still keep consuming them in larger amounts, they would not get digested completely. It will further lead to fat formation in the body. Therefore, to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we should avoid fats and carbohydrates. 

Regular exercising

Practicing yoga or exercising on a daily basis can help us a lot to be healthy. Even a 15 minute workout can help us to flush out toxins from our body in the form of sweat. The gyms are still closed, but we definitely can practice some exercise moves from youtube on our terrace and complete our workout. During lockdown, it is easy to take out this much time for our own health.

Participate in household chores actively

Helping out in cleaning the home, doing dishes, etc. can also help us to be healthy during lockdown as they involve physical activity. This will not only help us to be fit but will also help us to keep our house clean and tidy. This might sound a little funny, but it actually helps. These chores will make us move our body parts and keep us healthy in turn.

All these are micro but essential steps towards living a healthy lifestyle in the lockdown period and get rid of the habit of being a couch potato.

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