Discipline : A major necessity for Students

Discipline is a very important part of life. It implies an orderly manner of living and conducting oneself. Discipline is essential in every sphere of life, whether is it at home or in work. Only a disciplined person can make a success of whatever he engages in. It is a quality which should be inculcated in children right from the beginning. The two most important influences in this regard are at home and school. Being disciplined doesn’t mean not to have fun or be naughty, it means when to be so and when not.

If we look at the students of today we find a picture of indiscipline. Having fun together with a group of friends is different but teasing, abusing, ragging these are some common forms of indiscipline we find these days. Unlike their ancient counterparts, they lack of respect for elders. This indiscipline further shown in students leads to them going on strike at the slightest provocation and this provocation might be the simplest of reason anybody could understand.This explains why discipline is important in their lives.

On the home front parents are to blame to some extent for pampering the child too much and giving into every demand of theirs. Children need to be said no so that they can take the same no from others in the future as well. If he or she is it taught how to take a no it causes the child to become a rebel whenever he is not able to get his way.

At the same time, the schools also play very important role in forming the character of a child. These days schools focus more on the children who are academically good, and the rest of them are only brats. But instead the focus should be more on those “Brats” or in a simple language naughty children. Teachers moreover are just concerned with teaching the text book alone and do not relate the lesson taught to the practical application in life. What good is an education if a person cannot use it in his life practically? Teaching something morally and practically is a very serious shortcoming of our education system.

The students of today are going to be adult citizens of tomorrow. So therefore it is very important to mould them right from the beginning, with discipline so that they turn up responsible and disciplined adults.

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