Guide to an “Adarsh Bahu”

Worried about your marriage? Or looking for a guide to an adarsh bahu? Then this university in Bhopal is the perfect place for you!

The Barkatullah University in Bhopal has decided to launch a three month short term course to prepare an “adarsh bahu” which will be launched from the new semester and believes it to be a step ahead in women’s empowerment.

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VC prof DC Gupta explained that the objective of the course is to make the girls aware so they can adjust to the new environment after marriage.

He further said, “We see that these days there are disputes in families over small issues and families are breaking apart. People are fighting within a year of marriage and the issue even goes to the extent of a divorce. Now what will happen to the girl and the family? So should we not do something that saves the family from breaking apart?

The students from the university said,’ The University should concentrate more on the quality of education than doing social work. This course is more of publicity than a genuine effort to contribute to the society.’

Being a part of the age where both the bride and the groom consider each other equally responsible of their marriage do we need certificates and courses of an adarsh bahu or a sanskari son in law?

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