The Growing Culture of Delhi University Dance Circuit

Delhi University provides a back support to the title given to Delhi of being the Cultural Capital of the country by promoting and encouraging students to take part in the cultural activities provided in colleges.
The immense support that DU cultural teams get no wonder helps them achieve heights and often choose their career paths through it.
About 10-12 years back, DU dance teams were originated and their journey through these 10 years has been a complete roller coaster ride.
 DU teams started with having 8-10 members per team and now teams even have 20-25 members and this only shows that the craze of Dance is increasing with time.
From doing Bollywood numbers to coming to the recent EDMs, from wearing bright glittery costumes to now wearing cool hip hop attires and the latest fashion, from doing the choreography themselves to now hiring the best choreographers of the country, from sticking to the normal contemporary and Bollywood dance forms to now exploring, trying and nailing dance forms like Urban Hip Hop,Krump,Dancehall, Popping,Locking,etc Delhi University Dance Teams has grown a lot.
No doubt DU dance teams have increased the level of dancing in Delhi which has encouraged a lot of students to even take Dance as their profession. DU dance teams are very much responsible for helping change the stereotype thoughts of the parents regarding dance and bring a difference in the dance community of Delhi.
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