Her First Day at Work- Tale of a Prostitute!

Her First Day at Work- A Poem


It moved Monsignors and harlots alike,
The fangless demon in the precarious night.
Trudging, she knew it all along
Waited He at the end of that lane long.
It was a veritable tale.

A lewd key, the wabbit penthouse,
Unflinching briefs ready to be doused.
Rapunzel, Cindrella, Snow White, Belle looked
But little did they realize
She wasn’t the Red Riding Hood.
It was a wanton tale.

Two sprawling legs, a mouth at work,
Premonitory moans and a girl
Unwilling to shirk.
A quivering body and two blossoming buds,
Mounting desires and some thuds.
It was an empowering tale.

Her only choice which she did embrace,
Shedding the civil façade and seeming grace.
Cowered girl turned a powerful queen,
In bed and behind the scenes.
It was tale and truth and her first day at work.