Hail the Fresh Fucchas to a New Start- A Prose Poetry!

Hail the Fresh Fucchas to a New Start !


Wrought with ecstasy, charged with vigor, see how the sun smiles today
On to the new brigade of youngsters, laughing, chatting, giggling, debating!
On to the newer prospects of a new innings to life, with bowlful of expectations
We start the curious games of countdown; wait with an ecstasy peculiar to
Cindrella out on a ball for the first time or alike the student who moves out
On his own to a world away from the days of the school.

See how the Sun smiles today, watching over the marching students towards
The college carrying abound their personalities and attitude intact to win over
The new challenges and situations with a grown up ease. Knocking at the doors
of opportunities they drench themselves in the ecstasy of having found the
Performing ground to their passions and for the first time derive the meaning
‘of the joys of learning’ to sliding up unlocking newer meanings to ‘ learning’
in the journey of life.

See how the sun will smile today seeing the contagious laughter of the friends
Reveling in fun at their favorite hotspots and their collectivism in lecture attendance
Look how the Sun dawned already for the day in anticipation of the new picture galleries
that shall be captured few days from now on , for the countdown to the college life is
Already on a tick tock J



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