ECOLUDE: The Economics Festival of Satyawati College

“Economist should be spelled as ‘ECHONOMIST’ because they all repeat each other.” Here’s a Platform to bring out the ECHONOMIST in YOU.

OPTIMA Presents “ECOLUDE” The Economics Festival of Satyawati College(Day) to be held on 18th and 19th of February.


LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship; EQUALITY of status and of opportunity; ENJOYMENT of a desirable kind, and to promote among them all a feeling of pride at having been a part of this department. We present to you a Myriad of events which will make you think out of the Box.
Experience the adrenaline rush of Direction, Auction, Investment and so much more Handsome Cash Prizes and 1 year membership from American Library Guaranteed.


1) CORPORATE HOUSIE: Tam bola with a corporate twist. Let’s rack our brains to match and identify the company names to their taglines and logos.

2)PICTIONARY: Let’s keep it simple silly! Four pictures, one word!

3)JUST A MINUTE: Speak! Ramble! Talk! Want to do more? We have in store!

4)TREASURE HUNT: Such clues, Much fun!IMG-20150215-WA0008

5)AD-MAD: Come and advertise the out of the world products produced and created by Satyawatians. Let’s market!

6)THE BIG TALK (Group Discussion): Speak your heart out, shape your thoughts to reach a common consensus in our flagship programme of group discussion.

7)RISE OF THE NATIONS (International Trade): Battle out across the borders trading in indigenous resources and become the empress of the global economy.

8)STREET SMART (Scavenger hunt): An unconventional mix of the Treasure Hunt and Beg Borrow Steal where economic clues hold key to your treasure.


For more details contact:

RAVI(President)- 8586064220


Follow event at: 

Aastha Malani

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