DUSU ELECTIONS: NSUI Raises Questions,”VVPAT machines shall be used.”

As the atmosphere of the university is getting enveloped with elections,the things are getting heated up. The student parties have also fastened their belts. They are raising questions towards the transparency of the procedure.
Raising questions on the procedure, NSUI has demanded the elections to be held through VVPAT machine. Along with that the advanced 5th generation EVM machines are being demanded to be brought for the conduct of elections.
NSUI says that in order to bring transparency, some measures must be taken. NSUI Delhi, Supervisor Akshay Lakra says, “The way DUSU elections are being held for last some years is not at all transparent or trusted procedure.”
On every booth, an agent must be appointed. Before voting, students shall be provided with their ID cards, so that they can vote. Students should be given a mock drill to understand how to cast a vote. For student’s comfort,the time for voting must be increased.
Voting should be done from 8 to 1 in noon and then from 2 to 7 in the evening. EVM machines should be accompanied with a CCTV CAMERA to avoid bogus voting. 
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