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Travelling long distance to study has become a part and parcel of millions. Metro is a lifeline in this sense for those who travel a long way to earn a degree.

Students often end up cursing the time that is spent while commuting as they consider it a sheer wastage of time. Students be like “Yar, Metro Life sucks”. And time being a commodity of utmost importance, is one thing that cannot be wasted upon.

But trust me friend, there are many solutions to cope productively with the commuting time. Let’s have a look:

  • Reading Newspaper/Book:


Early morning commute can be most productively utilised by reading a newspaper or a book (can be a novel or your course book). If you are a reading enthusiast, it is of utmost pleasure.

Even if you are not, you can go through the pages in a go to keep in touch with trending topics. These days, apps such as “In-shorts” which provide you with a one short paragraph news, offer the most comfortable means to read. And DUites! It is also the best time to revise for your internals!

  • Listening to your playlist:


With people chatting non-stop it can get annoying to listen to all the blabbering while commuting. Your headphones can be your best buddies in times of crises like these.

After a hectic day of lots and lots of society’s work and unending internals, nothing soothes the mind better than music. So open your playlist and bang play!

  • Twitter:


With over 3,50,000 tweets tweeted every minute, you can keep track of everything that is happening around the world by casually scrolling through your twitter app.

From entertainment to serious stuff twitter has it all and while travelling you can have a gala time.

  • Writing:


People often complain that they don’t get time to write. If you can text endlessly on phone while commuting, you can definitely write your thought process down. So start writing, you never know how far your imagination can run while writing.

  • Organising:


In this fast moving world we don’t get time to organise ourselves. With the digitisation of almost everything, there is so much information flooding all over.

Metro rides can be a time when you can think and organise your thoughts and come up with innovative ideas. So don’t forget to jot them down.

So friends! From now onwards, don’t consider metro life to be a time waste. You can utilise your time really well. Good luck!

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