Examination : DU to conduct, might adopt OBE

It also states the possibility of OBE,i. e, Open Book Examination for the students in their last year/term/semester so that they don't get to face issues in their future.

DU Examination
Credit: Times of India

Delhi University released a notification with reference to the Conduction of Examination dated 14.05.20 . The notification says that the Semester Examination for all the years and courses of the university will be starting by July 1,2020 and a final date sheet shall be formed and released on the the official website by the end of this month.

It also states the possibility of OBE,i. e, Open Book Examination for the students in their last year/term/semester so that they don’t get to face issues in their future. In, OBE the students will be allowed to give examination from their respective homes or centers, whatever will be decided and feasible. This decision of taking the exams in this alternative mode will be specifically based on the condition of Covid-19 in the state.Only, if the situation doesn’t get any normal than expected this method of examination will take place for them.
Earlier, Delhi University has never conducted such exams and this is a whole new concept for them. The teachers and students as well aren’t well prepared and known to this method. But if such a decision has been taken up by the University, they surely must have something on their minds.
While, some of the students are happy with this method and relieved that they wouldn’t have to go out for giving examination putting their lives in danger, if so, the other students and some teachers duly oppose this method.
This is due to lack of resources such as laptops or good internet connections at some places. What good would be an OBE from home for the student who doesn’t have the access to the facility of internet? There are also students who aren’t from Delhi but outside and are now at their homes but don’t have access to all of their study material, books etc.Now, the student who doesn’t have internet and also no books because they are lying in his/her PG somewhere else wouldn’t be able to study and even if they do, wouldn’t be able to give exams. In both the cases its their loss.
University of Delhi is a vast university, students from all the parts of India come here to study and it is not necessary that all of them come from the place of accessibility of the resources at once.The University should definitely look after these needs and problems of the students if Open Book -online Examination is actually to be conducted.
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