DU Students’ Opinion on OddEven

A few days back we gave you some tips that we felt would help a DU student sail through the new odd-even formula in Delhi. We asked some of these students what they think of it.

Read on to find out their reactions!

“It’s quite an amateur idea. All of my cars have even numbers and three members are working in my house. It can be a big problem for some people. Plus taxi drivers are charging double the amount now! But the silver lining is that this rule is not applicable on CNG cars and women drivers. So I am okay okay with the Odd and Even formula.”


Megha Dhiman
B.A. English Honours, 3rd year
Kamala Nehru College

“Good on the part of the government for taking a stand against such a problem, but for it to be efficient it will definitely take time. I have no issue with such a rule because it’s for a limited period of time during the day. Moreover, on Sundays and in case of any emergencies there are no restrictions. Even if another rule is added to curb the pollution and deal with health issues, it won’t be bad. It’s time to see the work of our politicians.”


Kritika Gupta
B.A. English Honours, 3rd year
Kamala Nehru College

“I personally feel that this step is a good thing happening to Delhi. The government and public must work together in order to curb the pollution and pure the toxic air we are breathing! DMRC and buses are handling the rush well. Though pollution levels at peripheral roads are not going down, in few areas the effect is visible. I hope it’ll eventually work out and leave a successful trail.”


Siddhant Sharma
B.Sc. Chemistry Honours , 3rd year
Shyam Lal College (Morning)

“This formula is definitely going to fail because we Delhites just don’t want to change! Lung problems aur asthma se mar jayenge par thoda sa bhi change nahi karenge khud ko. Yes, this idea seems silly but what other options do we have? There are so many things we can do to make this rule work such as carpooling and certain companies can also participate by providing transportation facilities. A class 8th student, Akshat Mittal has created a website which will help people to connect with others commuting through the same route by finding out the best possible option available for carpooling. It’s high time we do something for our city and our life. Because I don’t want to die!”

du students dutimes

Ankita Bagri
B.A. English Honours, 3rd year
Kamala Nehru College

“The odd- even formula is a new initiation to reduce pollution and bring positivity in the environment. However, no one can guarantee the success of this trial but if people really need a clean state they will have to cooperate with the government and will have to go through any problems they might face. At the end it is we ourselves who will have to fight for our own cause.”

du students dutimes

Sakshi Khandelwal
B.Com. Honours, 3rd year
Maitreyi College

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  1. I think odd-even formula was a nice and new initiative that had been taken to reduce pollution in Delhi. Since CNG running cars had been exempted from the scheme, this formula would have also encouraged people to go for CNG running vehicles besides carpooling and public transport. But according to the papers and the researches done, cars cause only 20% of the pollution in our country while 80% is caused by the heavy vehicles and two-wheelers (in terms of pollution caused by only vehicles). It also stated that only 0.5-1% of pollution is caused by cars in Delhi. So I guess this scheme might have not made the capital free of contaminated air. Though the purpose of the scheme might have not been accomplished, it sure reduced the road traffic which a great relief for the commuters. 🙂


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