DU SOL: FAQs regarding OBE and Assignment

The School of Open Learning, University of Delhi has recently come up with FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) regarding OBE and Assignment Based Evaluation (Internal Assessment) of SOL students for the Annual/Semester Examination-2020.

These FAQs came amidst rising protests against Open Book Examinations (OBE) from teachers, students as well as teacher associations such as; Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA) and student bodies such as; ABVP, NSUI, AISA etc. With that, the current Twitter trend #StudentsLivesMatter in addition.

The varsity through its FAQs concerning OBE made an effort to address the apprehensions of various stakeholders involved.

It begins with differentiating between Open Book Examination and Assignment Based Evaluation (Internal Assessment). And says, The Open Book Examination is meant for 3rd year/IV Semester students of UG and PG Courses of SOL whereas the Assignment Based Evaluation (Internal Assessment) is meant for I, II Semester and 2nd year students of UG Courses and II semester PG Courses of SOL students.

Further, it says, the 2nd year students are being promoted to 3rd year and 3rd year Ex. (Failed) SOL students have to appear in the Open Book Examination with all their Essential Repeat if in case.

With that, the 1st year Ex. (failed) and 2nd year Ex. (failed) students of SOL also have to appear in the Open Book Examination. For this purpose, the date of examination can be confirmed from the Date Sheet.

It further added that any Essential Repeat(ER)/ Improvement Papers of related to Part-1, Part-2 and Part-3 of 3rd year students (if any) will be given through Open Book Examination. For this purpose, the date of examination will be confirmed from the Date Sheet as well.

While clearing the apprehensions of I and II semester students it asserted that the I and II semester UG Courses students of SOL have to give Assignment Based Evaluation (ABE). And also mentioned that the ABE will be separate for I and II semester students of SOL.

For detailed FAQs kindly refer, FAQ-VER-7-6-2020

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