DU SOL Admission Delayed!

DU SOL Admission has begun from 10th of August after the UGC satisfied its new norm.
The entire thing began out of UGC’S new norm which said that – “Every open learning institution has to have half of itself registered with UGC every 5 years, else it will be considered invalid.”

Due to this, the open learning institutes including SOL got their admissions begun on August 10th after the list of valid open learning institutes were produced and got a green flag from UGC.

The officials of SOL including the secretary protested against the same. The secretary even wrote a letter to Prime Minister on these grounds.
Another official said- “The SOL will have its classes commenced from October 1st due to this delay in admission process.”

Such being the case,one can only expect from UGC to be a bit more responsible and have a sense of accountability, so that the effect on academicians and academics is the least!

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