Work or Coffee? Let’s have both!

There is something positive about spending a sunny beautiful morning at a cafe. The humdrum of people, the aroma of coffee, and the subtle music playing in the background hits you up at the most opportune moments, adding up to the perfect work environment.

As a café lover, a business-person in the corner booth with a laptop, or a freelance writer with a book in his hand looking for inspiration is a common sight. Working from coffee shop is a fast growing trend. Ever wondered why coffee shops are so appealing to workers?


Let’s check out the benefits of moving to a coffee shop for work.

  • A sensory experience:

It is considered that it is not just caffeine that is important but also a literal buzz having the capacity to boost up your productivity. The sound of coffee grinder, the social buzz of people, the soft music in the background enhances both productivity and creativity. This will not only benefit you mentally but also you get to taste and try may flavors of coffee and other delicacies.

  • Break Through Artist’s Block:

Suffering from a state where no new ideas pop up to your mind? It can be quite irritating sometimes. But when you are sitting in a café there are stimuli coming from all the directions. Observing people or reading a book in the corner, see a piece of art or even tasting something new can spark a new idea. It can draw out that missing balance in your daily life.

  • Let’s get Extrovert:

Cafes are great place for networking. They can be a perfect place for the casual business meeting with clients because all suited up working out there between the suffocating cubical walls of your office can be really monotonous.

Coffee shops can also be an excellent place to meet new people, sharing new experience, ideas and opinions. These sessions can lead you to a path of re-exploring your own ideas of self and the world out.

  • No strings attached:

Working in a café is like having a focus group at your beck and call. You can ask up anyone for their opinion and you will get an honest genuine opinion. You don’t have to wait up to fix a meeting with your clients or think about the pros and cons over your project.

So next time you have loads of work and feel like to try on something new along, pick up your stuff, find a café and you might be even surprised at yourself.

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Srishti Hans
She is a 3rd year literature student from Lakshmi Bai College. She is a voracious reader and a theatre enthusiast.


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