DSJ Students Continue to Protest



University of Delhi (DU) has its own charm. Being a DU student can be taken as a blessing. But friend, just as a coin has two sides, DU has some drawbacks too. Sometimes, some DU colleges face the problems of poor infrastructure. But this time, this drawback has really taken a terrible shape: the shape of strong protests by Delhi School of Journalism (DSJ) students. The students of Delhi School of Journalism began their protests again on August 27, 2018 for their long standing demands of better infrastructure and basic facilities in North Campus, Delhi University.

Citing insufficient infrastructure and unkept promises made to them exactly a year ago, students of Delhi School of Journalism allege that the college administration has not utilised over Rs. 45 lakh in the last academic session.

According to the sources, thirty-five students of Delhi School of Journalism have submitted a charter to the DU authorities, demanding a functional media lab, library, financial transparency to show efficient utilisation of student’s fee and hostel accommodation.

The students alleged that, for a strength of over 200 students, DSJ has only two computers and two faculty members. In addition to more faculty and better infrastructure to suffice the requirements of 200 students, the students want the administration to bring down the fees. Students also want a defined eligibility criteria for securing scholarship to study at DSJ.

As a part of their protest, the protestors assembled outside the office of Ms. Yogi, the Officer on Special Duty, DSJ. Moreover, the protests continued till late in the evening. After months of continued agitation, DSJ is gearing up for passionate protests this time.

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