Department of Sociology of Delhi University Suggests an alternative mode of examinations

Delhi University has decided to adopt online open book exams for final year students as an alternative in case the coronavirus situation doesn’t improve till July.

The department of sociology of Delhi University has written to the administration speaking against this decision. The Department of Sociology, in a statement given on Sunday, said: “Based on the experiences of online teaching and making available digital course materials as well as the feedback from students regarding the same, the faculty of the Department of Sociology has already sent its reservations on holding online examinations due to various impediments that students face.”

Image source : NDTV

The department suggested an alternative mode of evaluation, which is ‘estimate marks’. This will be based on the average of the previous semester plus the internal marks to calculate total marks for the final year. The department said that since most departments have completed their internal assessments tests, the total mark for the final semester will be “the sum of the estimated end semester examination mark plus the already available internal assessment mark”.

The department proposed that special exams can be conducted for second semester and fourth semester students who wish to improve their performance.

The department also said: “The span period for this graduating batch and all batches who were to take examinations in summer 2020 may be increased by one year.”

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