Delhi University to stand with North Eastern students, commits to ensure safety and security of hostel residents

Delhi University today released a press release on its website stating that Delhi University is with the residents of North Eastern Students House for women (NESHW) in this trying time. It further went on to say that they will ensure security and safety of all residents and Essential services will continue to be provided.

Delhi University

NESHW was designed specifically for the benefit of women from North Eastern states. There are 101 seats with 71 reserved for students from the seven states of the North Eastern Region and Sikkim.

Delhi University

In the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak, many Universities shut down hostels at the end of March. But there were many students who could neither afford to stay in Delhi outside their hostel or travel back to their hometowns due to cancellation of trains and other means of public transport.

Residents of NESHW complained that it would be difficult for them to leave the hostel premises in such a short notice. In a letter to VC Yogesh K Tyagi, they said, ” Majority of the students residing here are from the northeast and travelling to our hometown requires us to avail public transport of more than one kind. The travelling will expose us to more dangers of the virus.” The students insisted that they be allowed to stay in the hostel.

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