DU Admissions – How to calculate Best Of Four Subjects

The best of four method to calculate cut-offs is also being simplified. Now, a candidate’s best of four percentage will include one language, two academic or elective subjects and the subject in which admission is being sought.

Here’s how the candidates need to calculate of ‘Best of Four’ subjects:

Concept of ‘Best of Four’ Subjects – Candidates can follow the guidelines below to get an overview of the Best of Four Subjects concept and know how to calculate the Best of Four Subject Marks:

  • The Best of Four subjects need to include the following –
    • One language (Core/Elective/Functional)
    • One subject in which admission is sought – A candidate needs to include the subject in Best of Four, in for the Honours programme in which admission is being sought, otherwise a disadvantage of 2.5% will be applicable to the calculates Best of Four percenatge.
    • Any two other academic/elective subjects as per List A – If a candidate doesn’t include the subject as enlisted in List A, then a disadvantage of 2.5% will be imposed to the Best of Four calculated.
    • List A includes the following disciplines offered by the University of Delhi for admissions to the three-year undergraduate programmes must be treated as Academic/Elective subjects. All the disciplines subjects must have at least 70%component of theory and 30% component of practical. Theory component doesn’t include internal assessments or continuous evaluation.

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Arabic Bengali Botany Chemistry Commerce # Computer Science Economics English
French Geography Geology German Hindi History Home Science Italian
Mathematics Music * Persian Philosophy Physical Education * Physics Political Science Psychology
Punjabi Sanskrit Sociology Spanish Statistics Urdu Zoology

# Accountancy will be considered equivalent to Commerce wherever the examination board does not offer Commerce as subject.
*Music and Physical Education will be treated as academic/elective only for Honours in Music and Physical Education, respectively.
Biology, Biotechnology and Business Studies will be treated as academic/elective subjects.

  • In case, the candidate has studied both elective and core in any languages, the core language will be treated as language, while elective language will be considered as academic/elective subject.
  • Admissions to BA (Hons.) in Hindi Patrakarita and BA (Hons.) in Journalism will be based on ‘Best of Four’ subject’s percentage as in BA (Hons.)Hindi and BA (Hons.)English, respectively.
  • Business Mathematics will be treated as equivalent to Mathematics for admissions to B.Com (H) / B.Com only
  • In case, if more than one no-listed elective/academic subject as notified by DU is included for ‘Calculation of Best of Four’, a dis-advantage of 2.5% each in ‘Best of Four’ will be levied for admissions to BA/B.Com, besides a dis-advantage due to change of stream.
  • Legal Studies will be treated at par with academic/elective subjects for purpose of admissions to BA (H) Political Science.
  • Mass Media Studies will be treated at par with academic/elective subjects for purpose of admissions to BA (H) Journalism (English/Hindi).
  • Admissions to BA (Hons.) Applied Psychology will be based on ‘Best of Four’ subject’s percentage as in BA (Hons.) Psychology.
  • Admissions to BA (Hons.) Social Work will be based on ‘Best of Four’ subject’s percentage including one language and three academic/elective subjects as per List A.
  • ‘Informatics Practices’ will be treated equivalent to Computer Science for admissions to B.Sc (Hons.) Computer Science only.
  • Candidates will only need to have studied and passed Mathematics at the qualifying exam level for admissions to Honours in Economics and Commerce.
  • If a candidate seeks admissions to Honours in any language programme, which he has studied as the elective language at the qualifying exam level, an advantage of 2% over the other candidates will be offered in the ‘Best of Four’ subjects.
  • In case, a candidate has not studied the language at the qualifying exam level and is seeking admissions to Honours in that language will be liable to a disadvantage of 5% in ‘Best of Four’ subjects.
  • Candidates seeking admissions to Honours in English and Hindi, the candidate need to have studied and passed the respective language in the qualifying exam and will need to include the same for calculating in ‘Best of Four’ percentage.
  • If there is any case of change of stream, a disadvantage of a maximum of 5% may be imposed on the ‘Best of Four’ percentage. Moreover, the college will have to notify the actual deduction of a maximum of 5% on their websites and intimate the same to the University.
  • If any candidate seeks admission in to BA Vocational only, related vocational subjects will be treated at par with academic/elective subjects.
  • A maximum of two vocational subjects can be included for ‘Calculation of Best of Four’, for admissions to Vocational Courses.
  • If a candidate opts for Modern Indian Languages (MIL) except Hindi as a programme, an advantage of a maximum of 10% may be given in the ‘Best of Four’ percentage in the colleges where MIL is being offered as a programme.
  • Likewise the last year, the basis of selection for Mathematical Sciences, Science, Home Science programmes remains unchanged. However, subjects to be included for the Basis of Selection, i.e., PCM/PCB/PCMB need to have at least 70% component of the theory exams, which don’t include the internal assessments and continuous evaluation in the qualifying exam, otherwise a disadvantage of 10% of the maximum marks may be levied on each subject.

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  1. i want to enroll for bcom hons i scored 98 in fine arts 97 in eco 95 in business studies 93 in english 89 in accoutancy and 62 in maths .

    so for best 4 will the marks eng eco bst and acc considered
    or maths is compulsory to add ?
    please can you tell me the percentage which will be considered ………

    • Bsc Phy sci me maths compl. H but bsc life sci m bio compl. H h can add only pcm in Phy. Sci nd PCB in life sci.
      For more contact
      Vinay kaushik

  2. My best four subject percentage is 81. 2… . Am i eligible to take admission in b com or b com hons in du

  3. I have done my 12th from ICSE Board…and I have scored 88 in Eng, 86 in Hindi, 78 in Accounts, 66 in Economics, 66 in Commerce…..which subjcts will I take for best four ??….hindi was my optional subject….nd english was my compulsary language….can I take hindi and english both for taking out my aggrte %….I want to do B.A Prog from DU

  4. I ust want to knw that can I add physical education in best four and i wnt to do BA honours in political science so can I add phy. Edu in best four..? Plzzz answer…….

  5. I want to do b.com programme . I didn’t have maths in 12th. Does it mean that I will have 2% reduction in my best 4 (b.st,accountancy,English,physical education)
    And if I enroll for ba prgm what will be the criteria??

  6. I got 92 in maths
    96 in physical ed.
    67 in physics
    66 in chemistry
    And 44 in maths
    I wanna apply for psychology honours in DU
    What will be my best of four percentage and do i get to include p.e and considet disadvantages … if yes thn what will be my final percntage after taking in the disadvantages too ..

  7. sir i have applied for scrutiny of my marksheet so should i apply now or wait for my revised result ,,,
    i meant to ask that the best of four comes into action while you are filling the form than u need to specify it or after release of cutoffs u have to reach the college because if i fill the form than maybe i a cannot awail the benefit of the increase.

  8. Hi
    I scored

    I want To pursue Bsc(H) In Physics
    Can I take
    Eng , Phy ,Chem , Comp Sc In Best Of 4 & Leave Maths

  9. i have appeared in 12th two times. 1st for normal or general 2nd for improvement exam.
    in previous year i get much marks in English only than this year.

    can i include both year’s highest marks for admission??
    i have to give any one year marks @ improvement??

    plzzzzzzzzzz reply

  10. I got 92 in mathematics, 86 in english ,95 in accountancy ,economics,business studies. I want to pursue bcom hons. What will be my best 4 % ?

  11. Siri scored as follows
    I want to know is it compulsory for me to include acc to
    get admission in bcom(h) in my best four

  12. I want admission in eco hons, can I add physical education marks in best four?
    I had pcm in 12th, is deduction of 2.5 % same for all the colleges of du?


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