10 Things to do on the First Day of College- Gear Up!

Gear Up For The First Day Fuchhas!!!

With the commencement of DU’s new session, freshers’ are going gaga about the first day of their college life. Will my seniors be friendly? What should I wear? How will I make new friends? How will the professors be? Quite common questions that revolve around every fresher’s mind. But don’t worry Fuchhas, here are some tips that if followed can turn the first day of your college life into a memorable one.


1.) Be Respectful, Not Fearful

Freshers are always too afraid of seniors. And because of this either they try to avoid them or try to be Oversmart. Both of this is a big NO. Be respectful towards your seniors but there is no need to be scared. Try to make a warm relation with them as they can be really helpful to you, seniors are the Mentors you need in your college life.

2.) Think Of Your Belly

 The most important ingredient to make your college life super cool is food. So on your first day chill out and go on a voyage to discover best food places around your college. To survive the coming days of college and to pamper your taste buds , you can do this guys,” ye papi pet k sawaal hai.”

3.) Don’t Overdress Yourself
On the first day of college, every fresher wants to look good. But, sometimes under the pressure of this desire they push their limits too far and end up being a fashion disaster. There is no need to push yourself that far. Stay calm and be what you are. Remember it is just another day.

4.) Find The ‘Addas’ to Chill Out!

After completing your graduation the only thing you will miss the most are the hangouts you made memories in with your friends. Figure out some cool hangout places near your college or in the vicinity of the Campus, where you’ll  have fun in the upcoming days. Find your permanent ‘Adda.’

 5.) WiFi Spots

The coolest thing about college is that you have Free Wifi. You can use as much internet as you want. So find out the spots in your college where you have the best signals. Trust me! This is something really important 😛

6.) Safe Zones
 The safe zones can be anything. The place where you can smoke, which conceals you from the shadows of your torturous professors. So search for the safe zones on the very first day as it can turn out to be really helpful.

7.) Confidence Is The Key

 Whether it’s your introduction that each and every professor asks you for or your first interaction with seniors, the only way through which you can sail your boat across is Confidence. Be confident about yourself and things will definitely get easier.

8.) Find The Fun-Zones Of Your College

 Colleges are not only about studies, there are many different cultural societies. So, take a glance of the various boards and posters in the campus.Find out the various active societies and activities of the college and plan to be a part of them. These are real fun factors of College Life!

9.) Discover The Taste Of College

Canteen! Your ultimate place to pass time and hangout. So Fuchhassss, on the first day, find the tastiest things served in your college. Feel the dish, feel the flavor of your college.

And last but not the least,

10.) Must Find : Xerox Vala Bhaiya

Be it your externals or class tests, when you are in complete dismay, dying under the pressure of your books, you remember of only one face. The man you need to find out then, one who has immense power to save your screwed marks, your superman, ‘xerox vala bhaiya!’. Because “inke darshan k bina graduation puri ni ho skti.”


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