City Monument : St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Old Delhi-6

If the British had made our land their lasting and loving home, then Delhi would have had as many British-period churches as there are Mughal-era tombs. The capital probably would have more than one gothic structure built in the style of St Mary’s Catholic Church.


St. Mary’s Catholic Church is a 160+ year old church hidden in the hustle bustle of Old Delhi-6. Believe it or not! It is one of the most beautiful and amazing churches Delhi has. This Roman Catholic Church is a quiet corner, surrounded by tall neem trees with dangling creepers and a metal gate with an antique lamp on the top. And not to forget, this Church remains closed on all days except Sunday for prayers.

This old building may transport a wistful visitor straight to the heart of Europe. Here, you could as well be in a village in England. Or in Venice. But this is actually just a short walk away from the Red Fort.

  • St. Mary’s Church-A very old Roman Catholic Church built by Britishers:


St. Mary’s Church a lovely and a holy place and for every tourist to be there, it brings a lot of charm to the place and surrounding. It is a jewel in the heart of this small hill station, main tourist attraction and people go there to visit and offer up their prayers, and is very close to Tip N top with a calm environment. It is a Roman Catholic Church built by the Britishers earlier it was under the army but has been handed over to the Catholic diocese, the Church services i.e the Mass celebrations take place at the St. John’s Church and a resident priest has been assigned for this purpose, who stays within the Church premises.

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  • Quiet Place to worship:


Believe us! It is a quiet place for worshippers, enjoy the side beauty of lansdowne and have a spectacular view of natural beauty! Just serenity and peace all around!

  • Old world charm:

In a time when all the constructions are boxy and without any personality, this building is a refreshing change. Complete with the stained glass windows, it is very attractive and a good place for selfies and group photographs. The chessboard floor is bare of pews. Wooden ladders are leaned against white pillars. A spiral staircase runs up beside the main door. The daylight streams in through stained glass windows. Titled artworks hang on the wall show up scenes from Christ’s final journey: ‘Simon helps Jesus carry the cross’; ‘Jesus falls the first time’; ‘Jesus carries his cross’.

Interestingly, a metro station is being established to make it convenient for the people to reach here. And guess what? A vanished graveyard has been chosen as the site of an underground metro station. The construction is in progress. The labourers have not yet sighted the old ghosts.

Historic and interesting..isn’t it? So, what are you waiting for? Go and visit this phenomenal church.

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