History Department of Delhi University suggests steps for promotion of students

University of Delhi insists Open Book Exams

The History department of the University openly said No to the idea of Open Book Examinations, joining hands with Economics and Sociology Departments.

The teachers’ association and students’ union have also held an online campaign against the decision which was suggested due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The faculty members of the Department of History wrote to DU VC Yogesh Tyagi against open book examinations  and suggested alternatives.

The Combined Committee of Courses (CoC) for postgraduate (PG), undergraduate (UG) honours courses and programmes of the Department of History held a meeting on May 19 via Zoom.
The CoC also discussed the written responses received from a large number of PG History students regarding online open book examinations.

At the meeting, the CoC noted that the coronavirus outbreak and the lockdown led to an unprecedented situation.

The people are dealing with several issues, including infrastructural constraints, technological obstacles, economic hardships, dislocation of students and/or their families, and the challenging environments in many households, it said.

A significant number of students do not have access to a stable WiFi/4G internet, or a smart device with camera/scanner, the faculty members said.
“Moreover, many students are stranded away from their notes, reading materials and even the minimum required stationary for an OBE,” the CoC said.

The students have categorically voiced their opinion that offline/online open book examinations scheduled in July will not be fair since they were taught for an altogether different mode of assessment.

The CoC suggested that for undergraduate students in the sixth semester, an average of the marks of previous semesters can be accounted for the 75% marks of the total marks and the remaining 25% will be the internal evaluation marks of final semester.

For postgraduate students in the fourth semester, an average of the marks of the previous three semesters can be taken for the 75% marks while the remaining 25% can be the internal evaluation of the fourth semester, it said.

The CoC also stressed that those who were not able to submit assignments due to problems during the lockdown be given additional time in July to do so.

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