Brutality with a pregnant animal again

After a highly condemned killing of a pregnant elephant news came out on May 27,2020 , another video of a pregnant cow’s jaw being blown off came out on 6 June,2020. The incident took place in Jhandutta area of Bilaspur district in Himachal Pradesh.

The pregnant cow was was fed with crackers stuffed in wheat dough. The incident came into notice when the owner of that cow uploaded a video of brutality on Saturday. He said that the incident happened on May 26, 2020.

This was reported and the SP of Bilaspur said that he is looking into the case and the crackers fed to the cow were highly explosive “aalu bomb”. When interrogated, the locals revealed that the farmers and poachers used these practices to save their crops from the wild animals.

All of these incidences prove the end of humanity. It shows that humans are oblivious to the pain of a dumb animal and are only concerned with the destructive pleasure that they get after making such mischiefs.

Such culprits shouldn’t be dealt with any sympathy and must be sentenced to serious punishments.


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