Have you separated your personal and professional life?

Necessity for separation

One of the most common queries that all corporates and students are keen to know that whether is it important to separate personal and professional life. Generally, professionals avoid making initial friendships and relationships in the professional field. Also, it is generally observed that they tend to avoid having any professional discussions in the personal sphere. What are the reasons for this kind of separation?  What are the repercussions of not having this separation? For whom this doesn’t matter? This blog shall deal with this kind of question. 

Personal v/s professional life  

 Personal life here refers to the part of your life that you spend with your family members. Friends and your loved ones. Professional life here refers to the part of your life where you work for your passion and to earn. Sometimes it can be possible that these two get mingled with each other. Having affiliation is the very nature of humans. Thus we tend to find personal relationships in our professional region too. Similarly, the work we do has a significant impact on us. This is because we spend a lot of time in our day doing those tasks. Thus both these parts of life are inseparable parts of an individual. Events in both parts of life are happening to the same person. Thus It becomes very difficult for us to separate both parts 

However, it has several unavoidable ramifications. It is indeed possible to find someone special in your professional region. Also, discussion about your professional life in your time can help you to vent out the happenings of the day. However, up to an extent, the intermixing of these two lives will finally tend to create a kind of confusion for you. Let’s say an event happened to you that you didn’t want, it can have a significant impact on your professional life. Giving extreme time and value to your professional relations can have a problem with your relations. Separating here ensures that we tend to divide our day in a way that a part of the day can impact another part and the rest part we can utilize for other purposes. It is an art included in emotional intelligence that helps a person to grow in her sphere 

How to separate? 

To separate your work-life balance there are a series of steps you can take:- 

1. Set boundaries:-

Please set the times when you will be doing your professional work. Please avoid checking emails, and official messages when you are in your time slot 

2. Designate workspace:-

Don’t start working wherever you feel comfortable. Designate a comfortable place to work first and thereby you must start working. You should work at a fixed place every day. 

3. Create a routine:-

You can make a routine for yourself about when to enjoy personal time and when to get completely dedicated to your work 

4. Turn off notifications in your personal life:-

Your mobile notifications can serve as a hindrance to your balance. Please turn off it when not urgently required to avoid any distraction 

5. Throw professional stress to desk:-

Remember that if you are working you will face some distress and problems. Thus please normalize it and don’t carry it to your bedroom 

6. Focus on just one work:-

While you are engaged in just one work you must avoid getting distracted by an ample amount of distractors. 

Does it matter for everyone? 

Although it is not always apparent to see successful people separate their work-life balance still they are happy. Thus it is plausible to argue whether this kind of separation is a ‘mantra’ for remaining stress-free. How come is it possible that persons without such separation such as many ministers and bureaucrats, and scientists such as Einstein, and Newton lived a fulfilled life without such separation? Sometimes we can also observe that people tend to leave their personal lives for some mission. So how plausible it is to not have this distinction? 

However, a person with a determined mission indeed tends to break such kinds of separations. They dedicately devote their life to a particular mission. However, it seems apparent that while advising the general public on the methods of improving productivity to live a happy life, it is not plausible. It means that not everyone necessarily has a mission. There are certain goals that we can strive for and happiness is something that must be considered as ultimate goal. And if lack of such distinction is the cause behind your distress, having this distinction then is a good idea. Thus we must not move forward toward the path of whether it is good to have this distinction. We must ask here how much efficient such distinction is that can make our life comparatively easier.


Thus in a nutshell we must conclude that there is always a head and a tail. It means the ramifications of any practice can be varied. But at the same time if we aim to decide the strategies to make our life easier, having distinctions between personal and professional life is very important. Without such distinction, we will end up in a never-ending clutter which is very difficult to solve. 


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