“An era of emergency” at JNU

After the violent scenario in JNU during the counting of votes for JNUSU elections, the suffering of the students have increased. It is distressing to note that the parliamentary and political forces continue to be deployed at the gates and the free movement of students and journalists, etc is a bit obstructed. Women students admit that they are feeling unsafe in the campus with all the lewd and mysogynistic comments being passed by ABVP members. Students don’t have freedom to roam, debate or study in there. The supply of food at night is also restricted after 8 pm.

Credit: PTI

This is an environment of undeclared emergency. Even the BJP-RSS installed JNU administration isn’t taking any strict actions against the violence and lewd behaviour of ABVP.

NSUI demands strict actions against members of ABVP. This picture of the violence inside campus is not only hampering academic activities but also restricting the freedom of expression of the students. JNU campus needs to be restored urgently for the betterment of the youh and for the same, peaceful gatherings and democratic protests inside the campus has been banned by the university.

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