Principles of good parenting: A change with era

We need a reformed parenting system 

Parenting itself is an art that we never find in our school curriculum. Interestingly if society needs its continuation, it needs to reproduce and enculture its offspring. Culture is unique to Human society and gets transmitted through various means. Among such means, parenting is one of the crucial mediums to determine the behaviour of the child. Whether the child will be depressed or assertive will depend on the parenting style. Thus parenting plays an important role in determining the entire future of any individual. Unfortunately, the principles of parenting always remain behind the curtains in the present education system, which leads to arbitrary parenting. This can have catastrophic consequences for the entire life of the person. Thus it is high time that we work together to spread awareness of the need for reformed parenting styles with the time. 

What is ‘Good’ parenting? 

However, putting a dichotomy in parenting is not the most viable way to visualize it. However, certain principles do exist if you are a parent. Following such principles can make parenting most fruitful for your child. This includes:- 

Consent rather than force:-  

It is a recent progression that physical bullying or punishments have been banned in the school systems. The reason was the same that persuasion and consent were the more viable strategies. As a parent, one must be aware of the consent of one’s child. Being aware of the choices of your child will make you a good persuader. Using means such as force tends to create more traumatic experiences for the child. It can affect the self-esteem of the person. Thus next time when you want your child to do something, please use your persuasion skills. 


There must not be any communication gap between parents and children. One time a day please find time to communicate with your children. This will help you to understand the personal life of your child. This will strengthen the self-esteem of the child and will help the child to grow as a person 

Allow them to make decisions 

Don’t be a stakeholder of your child’s every action. If you want your child to be an independent decision-maker, please ensure that your child gets enough chances to make her own decisions. For instance:- preparing the rational timetable for the child must be made with equal participation of the child. 

Play with them 

Getting engaged in games with your child will help to deepen the relationship. It will help you to win the trust of your child. Also, games play a crucial role in the impartation of a value system to your child. It will help the child to learn to share, care and help each other. 

Be a good role model 

As a parent, if you are the role model of your child then it’s your biggest success. You must ensure that you stand by your words. Protect your child whenever crucial and help him to grow as a person. This will help you to be a good role model for your child. 

Provide unconditional love 

The love you provide to your child must be unconditional. It means it must not depend on certain behaviours or the success of your child.  You should always signal to your child that no matter whatever is the situation you will be with him. Thus providing unconditional love will help her to grow as a person. It will generate a good self-concept and self-esteem of the individual. Thus ensuring the holistic development of your child. 

Learn to say sorry 

When you realize that it’s your mistake in any situation you must learn to apologize. If you apologize for your mistakes then your child will learn the same thus will help him to grow as a person. It will keep your child grounded, grass-rooted and a humble person. Also, it will normalize the word ‘sorry’ and teach the child the value of inter-personal relationships. 

Avoid harsh discipline 

You must not be involved in putting your child in hoaxes of strict discipline rules. Allow the child to be self-disciplined. Parents should never hit a child, under any circumstances. “Children who are spanked, hit, or slapped are more prone to fighting with other children,” Steinberg writes. “They are more likely to be bullies and more likely to use aggression to solve disputes with others.” 

Be consistent  

You must be consistent with your words. If you have been informed of a reward for something you must be consistent with time. Similarly, the behaviours that are categorized as ‘bad’ must not be appreciated at any time. This will allow the child to be clear about the rules that she needs to follow. 

 Thus in a nutshell we can say that there are some principles that one must learn and follow to be a good person. This will help the child to grow as a mature and gentle person in future. 


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