#1 – How to reach your college? – TRANSPORT


First things first, how to reach your college?

So, here’s the start, METRO- the most available, accessible, and affordable means of transporting your-enthusiastic-selves to your destined colleges. Yes, your college is the one it is destined to be, by choice or not. You’re here and that’s what matters at the end.

A wise man once said, focus on the journey and not the destination.

Talking of the journey, METRO life is incomparable to any other means of transporting experience.

It starts with dragging yourself out of your comfort space, from your house, roughly-readied for college, getting late for the morning lecture while butterflies giving an ache to the stomach. Looking out for seats to settle down and get into a state that is just a little more presentable in college. Figuring out why the aunties and uncles are looking you at or what is the baby starring at you for?

From my personal experience, metro speaks of life to me; Unknown people all around you, miserably judging you, even if all you’re doing is sitting in a corner, and reminds me of the need to “fit in” while constantly looking for seating spaces. Whenever I travel in the metro, I feel the brittleness of this living world around me, and at times, sense the dark mentalities if, lucky enough to not be following the so-called “social ethics”.

And therefore, the journey in metro teaches a lot of experiences to the young aspiring students.


Getting back to the topic,

There’re several metro stations NEAR the north campus and none IN the north campus, Vishwavidyalaya metro station being the most popular and renowned one. Most of the students use this metro station while coming to the north campus. The second most famous and convenient metro station is the Guru Tegh Bahadur or, GTB station and Vidhan Sabha station. All the three metro stations fall on the yellow line and therefore you need to switch or remain on the yellow line, depending on the line you take that’s nearest to your house, to reach the north campus area. One should always have some extra minutes In hand since all the three metro stations are usually crowded to their fullest.

Students usually take an electronic/ battery rickshaw from the metro stations to their respective colleges.

Colleges are 3-4 km from these metro stations and therefore one has to take an e-rickshaw or auto and simply cannot walk until and unless we have a budding MILKHA SINGH amongst us.

Although there are other means of traveling to the north campus, this combined journey of metro and rickshaw is found to be used by a majority of students and is quite feasible to them since it helps them save and budgetify their pockets.


For more information on particular routes and lines, you can download the “DMRC” app, i.e., the Delhi Metro Rail app.

Thank you!

*stay tuned for more articles following up this series of- ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT NORTH CAMPUS*

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