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Students of DU are well aware of the various transport related problems that are affecting them. Since most students of Delhi University do not stay in hostels, they have to travel by either bus/auto/metro to their respective colleges. In this process they have to spend almost Rs. 100/- everyday. This is largely due to the fact that the transport facilities available in the city are not student friendly. In many cases students have to wait for a very long time for Non AC Buses as students’ passes are not valid in AC Buses. The problem is even worse for students who stay in the outlying areas of Delhi.

For the past one and a half years AISA has been consistently raising transport related issues in Delhi University (DU). We have been demanding from successive governments that they address the various transport issues relating to DU Students like Validity of Students Pass in Non AC Buses, Metro Pass for Students, Increasing services U-Specials and Women Special, Bus Pass Counter in all Colleges etc. along with transport issues of specific DU Colleges. In January 2014 as part of the Our DU- Our Right- Our Fight campaign for Affordable Transport and Accommodation  hundreds of students under AISA’s leadership met the then Transport Minister of Delhi Mr. Saurav Bharadwaj who had asked for two weeks to implement the demands of the students.

In the run up to the Delhi Elections AISA campaigned among the students of DU with a ‘Student Youth Charter’. In the charter AISA demanded that all the political parties contesting elections must commit themselves to address the pressing problems of the DU students. Transport problems faced by students was a key concern in the Student Youth charter.

After the new government assumed charge this year, students of various colleges have met the Delhi Govt Transport Minister Gopal Rai and have submitted their demands to him. In the discussion with the AISA delegation the Minister was apprised of the problems faced by the students. The Minister responded positively to the demands presented by AISA. He in fact wanted a comprehensive document with the transport problems faced by students of DU.

AISA is now conducting a TRANSPORT AUDIT in each every college of DU.  We appeal to the students of to come forward and share with us various problems you face due to inadequate transport and the solution you would like for them. We will compile these concerns and suggestions according to college-clusters, and residential locations. This will be put up before the Delhi govt for providing additional transport and re-organising the existing services for various colleges.AISA is now conducting a TRANSPORT AUDIT in each every college of DU and we appeal to students to come forward and share with us the various problems they face and the solution they would like for them. We will compile these concerns and suggestions and  submit to the Delhi govt for speedy solution.

Our Transport Related Demands for All Students of DU

Concessional Metro Pass for All Students

Student Bus Pass to be Valid on all Buses

Bus Pass Counter in All Colleges

Increase in U-Special and Women Special Buses

Metro Feeder Bus Connecting Colleges to nearest Metro Station


For Box

Join, Support, Strengthen AUDIT of Transport For DU Students

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