Digital empowerment: The “do Dhari Talwar” in your hand! 

The digital era


The era of the digital revolution is known for its random connectivity. In this era, it is very easy to get connected to anyone in the world. You just have to use a mobile phone and you can call, message, and video call anyone in the world. Transfer of money and banking is at its apex in terms of convenience than at any time in history. In this era of digital empowerment, the question is how significantly have these devices affected us? How have generations changed because of these devices? What are the significant ramifications for the same? The security issues and threats with increasing usage of digital empowerment the matters of equal concern. The increasing diversity here is also a matter of interest. Thus this blog shall deal with the fundamentals of digital empowerment and suggest suitable programmes to make your life easier. 

Digital empowerment: A change  

Mobile in your hand nowadays means a lot. It means medical facilities, insurance, education, and emergency services are now in your pocket. It used to be a tradition to stand hours in line to see one’s result until it got digitalized. The data entries are now digital. Digi locker is now carrying all your necessary documents. In this era, if you don’t know the basics of computers, then you can’t be competitive at all. This change is evidence of a revolution that took place. Our country is now digitally empowered and is contributing to making the earth into a global village.  

This change is the result of a series of technological productions that took place in India. Moving from phones with keys to smartphones is something that makes GEN Z Unique. Gen Z is now engaged with such devices that have become a significantly important part of their life. Data suggests that the total population that uses Facebook is 2.9 billion. The population using Instagram is 2 billion. 800 million are Snapchat users. The average time spent on screen is on an average is 7 hours. The population here is even more than the population of some nations. The attention that they get from these populations has provided them with phenomenal monetary gain. This has made these companies dealing with digital technology more powerful authorities in the world. 

How is it a “ Do dhari talwar”?  

“ Do dhari talwar” refers to a sword that is enshrined on both sides. It means digital technologies have both kinds of capacities. On one hand, it is one of the reasons for a safe environment. On the other hand, it has certain threats which are dangerous to our society. For instance:- The technological revolution has  a lot of benefits, some broader aspects are:- 

  1. You can get any emergency services on you hands 
  2. Millions of startups are completely dependent on digital platforms 
  3. Education and health have significant contributions of Digital platforms. 
  4. Agriculture is also now digitalized with a lot of digital initiatives. 
  5. Millions of jobs depend on this digital world 
  6. Crypto currency completely depends on a digital ledger. 

However, it has certain ramifications which we can’t ignore. Such as:- 

  1. Online bullying and trolling are now a significant topic of discussion 
  2. The monetary loss because of fraud nowadays is very common to see. 
  3. Child abuse and illegal trading is also supported through a digital platform 
  4. The addiction to social media is creating another level of psychological problems. 

Thus this was just a glimpse of two sides of this digital world. The most viable argument which is provided here is that it is just a tool. Just like a knife, where you can use it to chop the vegetables or to harm yourself. The need is just the care and awareness. Thus it is high time that we make the grassroots of society aware of the efficient use of Digital technology. 

Digital Tools You Must Know! 

  1. Digi locker:-

You can download any officially issued document such as a 10th mark sheet, driving licence etc. It is also a shred of valid and acceptable evidence nowadays. This will also provide you with some cloud space to store your required external documents. 

  1. Google Analytics:

It provides the analysis of web traffic and also analyzes your content accordingly 

2. WordPress:-

A famous tool which you can youse to make your blogging website. 

3. Microsoft Clipchamp:-

It will provide you to edit your videos with advanced tools 

4. Microsoft list:-

Helps to maintain the database of the employees in any organization. 

Thus in a nutshell we must conclude that Digital empowerment is a revolution in today’s era. Gone are the days when you need to step outside for your essentials. With this revolution, everything will be at your doorstep. 


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