A brilliant end to Hindu’s fest Mecca ’16

One of DU’s most awaited college fests, Mecca,the cultural fest of Hindu college ended on 26th February,2016.The three day long Mecca witnessed a number of performances and competitions.
The fest began on 24th of February with ‘Rebellion’,featuring “The Raghu Dixit Project”,opened by Daira.The events that followed were also highly appreciated.

The second day of the fest,was a big treat to the audience as they enjoyed ‘Beats’,featuring “Dualist Inquiry” and “Anish Sood”, opened by Funk Head. Their jaw dropping performances left the audience mesmerized.
Teams from various colleges participated in the Battle of Bands with Playtime from HRC emerging victorious.Western Dance Crew from SGGSCC won the Western Dance Competition.

The day three of the fest, Colloseum,featured Salim-Suleiman who with his pulsating performance left everyone astounded.With songs like Shukran Allah, Ishq Wala Love etc his performance was a great delight to the eyes and the ears of the audience.The conclusion to the performance was enchanting as it filled everyone’s heart with patriotism with the song Chak de India being sung in his incredible voice.

All in all Mecca was well organized and Hinduites were surely successful in proving why Mecca is one of the best fests of DU.

Mohini Singh,  DU Times

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