What is killing relationships?

A lot has been said and written about relationships and the entire structure within which a relationship works. Adding more to the already researched and studied topic of ‘relationships’, it becomes indeed necessary to ponder upon one of the most crucial aspect of any relationship.
Whether it’s about today’s generation or about the generation which ceased to exist, people always had certain aspirations attached to their relationships. Have you ever wondered about the origin of these clichéd ideals?

Obviously there are various relationships in our surroundings that may appeal to people and hence play as a major motivation for people to have such identically ideal relationships. People tend to like certain features from another relationship and may wish to have the same sort of expectations delivered in their own relationships as well.
But these ideals are not just built by the appealing relationships of our surrounding, these ideals are majorly built on our self-interest.
Yes, people tend to idealize a person, a partner and a bond in a relationship which isn’t just an imitation of others but evident of our very own vested interests. Although, it’s not that people don’t endeavour from their own side to make their relationships or the way they idealize but amidst everything lies the self-interest which drives people to paint a rosy picture of a perfect relationship so that their lives get to a comfort level which they have always been craving for.
From the love and affection to the very materialistic things, people tend to idealize a partner who is well capable of channelizing their self-interest. And if such ideal relationships don’t seem to happen in practical lives of people, this will be the breaking point where problems occur in their relationships.


People driven by their high ideal expectations, resist the acceptance of the reality of their existing relationships and open themselves to the path of conflicts and frustrations which ultimately leads to vulnerable relationships.
Thus, ideals of relationships which are built on self-interest cannot bear good fruits at the end.
So it’s better, ‘either to expect nothing out of a relationship, or to accept what you get’. Simply put,
we come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.

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