5 Myths about Delhi University


Welcome to the Mythological World of Delhi University: After reading this all your doubts will get cleared

Being one of the prominent universities of India, DU always gets enough attention of the critics. Delhi University is the university which is called ‘ the best ‘ and ‘ the most overrated university ‘ at the same time. But, how is this possible? What’s baffles the image of DU? Here are the myths about our very own DU. These myths demean as well as glorify our university. There are no evidence to ensure how much of it is truth but it’s amazing to look at it.

# Myth 1 – DU Is All About North Campus

Call it a myth or a misconception; most students assume that Delhi University is all about North Campus. There are many prominent off-campus colleges which are not only good in studies but offer many courses which are not available anywhere, even in North Campus. Wake up people, there is world outside North Campus.

5 Myths about Delhi University

# Myth 2 – Students Don’t Study Here

                      Well…..you can never claim weather the students of a university study or not. Those who are really dedicated to studies will study, no matter where they are.

P.S: We are forgetting the prominent faces DU gave birth to.

# Myth 3 – DU Life Is All About Partying

 So the story goes like once there was a party animal who, when enrolled in DU, forgot to party and became very anxious about the assignments. Such is the effect of DU!!!! . Because here the number of assignments you get in a month is always way ahead of number of times you get to party.

5 Myths about Delhi University

# Myth 4 – Everyone Is Spoiled Rich Brat Here

        Most of us have this notion that each and every student you encounter at DU is ‘ tu-janta-hai-mera-bap-kaun-hai ‘ types. But all I can promise is if you really want to see the diversity of our nation, DU is the best place to be considered. Students of not only different region but of different economic background can be seen here. No exclamation if you meet a minister’s son here. No exclamation if you find those who get financial help from scholarships.

# Myth 5 – You Can Bunk Classes Whenever You Feel Like It

      Only if you are still ignorant of the fact, 75% attendance is mandatory for appearing in exams. Let me be more precise, you are screwed if you don’t have 75% attendance. Plus, from the 25 marks of the internals 5 marks has been given to the attendance. Hence you cannot bunk classes. Sorry for breaking your heart people.

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