10 delicious street foods of India

We Indians have a cast iron stomach when it comes to eating habits; can digest anything, anywhere, anytime. Despite the vast variety of food available to choose from, we like and probably love hogging on things that is cheap and easily available because there is absolutely no cure to our ‘hunger pangs’.

Here is a list of India’s most widely enjoyed snacks, each reflecting the diversity of culture in the country.

  • Gol Gappe –

This I am sure tops every ones ‘favorites list’.

Golgappe or pani puri, is the most loved street food amongst Indians and is known to have various other names in different regions such as – pani ke bataashey, puchka, phulki, gup chup, yada yada.

Be it on the hustle- bustle of the street or at a sophisticated wedding, people do not mind treating on their favorite tangy delights.

  • Bhelpuri-

This is yet another snack on the favorites list, its variety ranging from very spicy to moderately spiced.

Also known as ‘jhalmuri’, it is a meld of puffed rice, onion, tomatoes, chilies, lemon, chutney and various other dry ingredients combined into one to make this delicious tangy snack. This snack is also now taking its roots into the western countries.


  • Chole- Bhaturey –

Be it a get together, kitty party, wedding or even a birthday, this has always been a compulsory part of the menu. When you are finding it difficult deciding onto the menu which would fit everyone’s fantasy and adjust to their taste buds, go on, fit this in the menu.

They are not only filling but also delicious, and eating them on the street with friends cannot match any experience.

  • Chowmein –

Indians have very successfully invented their very own version of ‘chow-meen’ which is nothing closed to boiled noodles but are spicy, tangy and flavorful.

Smaller the stall you go to buy them from, larger is the quantity they provide and lower is the value for money!! Perks perks!! No wonders why this is a street food favorite.

Majority of the Indians strongly believe that this is what the actual noodles look like and they come under the ‘Chinese’ category. Chinese are definitely gonna question the very existence of the Chinese cuisine and give them a fret pang, when they come across the modified or glamorized version of their noodles.

  • Pav- bhaji-

This is yet another snack we swear by. The flavorful combination of veggies into what is known as the ‘bhaji’ along with crispy butter fried pav can leave every other snack at bay.

One cannot take control over his senses at the sight of pavs being grilled in loads of butter followed by a dollop on the bhaji as well. Sounds buttery, doesn’t it?

  • Litti- chokha-

Every Bihari swears by this. Even if you’re not a bihari you’ll soon find yourself indulging into the snack after you try it once.

It resembles ‘dal- baati’ but has its own distinctive taste. The chokha is a mixture of egg plant, potato and tomatoes with other mix of spices and loads of desi ghee.

This food has gained popularity and made its way through  the ‘all time favorites list of street foods’.

  • Vada pav-

Scenic beauty, enormous sea ahead, pleasing sea shore, calming breeze, what’s missing ? VADA PAV!!

Ones expenditure to the beach is incomplete without them indulging in the famous snack, vada pav or the Indian burger. Vada pav is Maharashtra’s best loved contribution to street food.


  • Momos-

How can you even miss on them when talking about street food?!

In the past few years these dumplings have gained so much popularity that every single person asked would describe the taste whether or not they know the capital of India.

From Chinese faced people standing at every nook and corner of the street, selling the yummilicious dumplings, these momo stalls have become a must pause stop for all. Be it college students, coaching goers, uncles and aunties and everyone else.

  • Kulfi faluda

No other ice cream/sweet can beat the craving for the very own ‘desi kulfi faluda’.

For those who have a sweet tooth, I bet you cannot resist the treat. For the ones who do not have a sweet tooth cannot resist either. Kulfi faluda has served as a purpose for families and friends flocking at night to relish the sweet sweet dessert after dinner.

  • Kabab paratha-

Last, not the least, kabab parthas. Ask a Lucknow guy the importance of kabab partha in his life!!

These have and will always be a crucial part of lucknowi peoples taste makers. You can easily find them on the street and also in the restaurants.

 Refined flour roti stuffed with savory kababs and tangy chutney and onion can get any mouth salivating.


Shrankhla Verma | Content Writer | DU Times

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