Why to do an Internship?

Hey have you heard of internships??internshipAll those who are in their final years of studies must be worried about their futures and careers in particular. Some of those might be preparing to give job interviews at high end firms and get themselves placed or some of you might come up with something of your own. But the tragedy is the aspirants outnumber the opportunities, so you must do something that makes you stand out among all the competitors. Internships is a word quiet common at the institutional circles and most of us must be well acquainted with the term. An internship is basically a employment training that helps us to impress the employer with regard to our experience and also helps us to have a platform in case you wish to begin an enterprise of your own.

A few surveys conveyed that in an average job interview experience of a candidate is on of the major factor that determines your suitability for the post. Many of the companies may not even bother to look at your resume if you have not completed any internship beforehand. An internship gives you an edge over your classmate who have not done any. It has been in trend that the entry level candidates with having done one or more internships were more productive and with higher retention rates in comparison to those who were recruited without having an internship. People who are recruited after having done one or more internships hold higher value and are often paid higher.

An internship can also act as a test drive of your career. It can be a place to test your own knowledge and skills, bringing into practice what you have learnt during your studies. You can even develop your skills during internships and exercise your own innovative mind. Self evaluation comes handy when you are a part of a desired internship program. Confidence follows when you are trained to work under pressure and deadlines. it also evolves you into a compatible employee who can work under formal environments of an office. Here you will build motivation and work habits. You will also meet new people to build your network which would eventually help you in future and also enrich your resume.

There are a number of firms and enterprises that offer internships to DU students and are not too difficult to get into, to name some Leaders For Tomorrow, DU Times, Parivartan, Bharti Airtel and IndoExpress. If you wish to avail the benefits of internships you can mail us at [email protected] and we’ll keep you posted for availability of internships.


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