Jobs are important in everybody’s life but specially in life of a youngster because this is the time when you have to be independent and also have to remove tag that your parents are feeding you.

There are many ways one can have a job:

1. Be a part of some internship program. In the beginning you can apply for unpaid  internship as well as it will add something to your experience. Then later could find paid internship. Internships later helps you find good permanent jobs. Try job portal websites.

2. Try online marketing as everybody is on social media platform so everyone can try it out.

3. Online content writing or blogging: Blogging will take some time to get you earn money but if you have good writing skills then you can try this out. There are many companies which provide content writing jobs. They want you to write for their blog on a particular topic.

4. Youtube: Its becoming very popular method of earning. Although youtube has raised it standard in order to cut down the competition. Thus you need to get 2k subscribers and 400k view hours to earn money.

5. College ambassador: Be college ambassador of your own college and companies will pay you for promoting their product to your college peeps.

6. Tuition: Yes give tuition to school students. This will not only help you to enhance and brush up your knowledge but will also help you earn extra amount that will add to your pockets.

Thus there are many ways you can earn but you need to be very aware about the frauds that can lead to loose your pockets instead of gaining money.

Do whatever you want but find happiness in it that’s how you will able to earn money.

Now you have money then how to utilize it so you can be in profit

1. Save money for emergency: Emergency can be of any type like you have to give someone a gift!! Yeah it is a type of emergency for youth.

2. Save it for shopping: Shopping is our favourite thing but there are times when you have zero pocket money left.

3. Invest: Investing money doesn’t sound much practical. But if you have passion about something then utilize that money for your passion. For example you like to write novel. Then write it and publish it on your own with your savings.

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