Love-academics balance- is it the perspective? 

Whenever any student travels to Kota to get an IIT degree or travels from a variety of places to Delhi University the reason remains very clear, “The educational validation”. Through this validation, every student has a scope for a better and fulfilled future in her eyes. Being it to be a successful entrepreneur, a working professional, or a civil servant. If these dreams are on the level of such clarity, why are the levels of suicides or mental health disorders on the front page of every newspaper? Why is it true that most people remain unsatisfied with their degrees? Why do we need to call a street vendor good employment after certain degrees of BTech MTech, BCA, etc.?

It means there remains a loophole between what students want and what they get. Let’s add another interesting fact about college life. A survey conveys that 72 percent of total Indians have a view that one should get into a relationship only after having a well-settled life, however, we don’t have proper data on how many students are in any relationship but as students, we know better from our experiences how the couples celebrate their time at college campus by just being with each other. A substantial number of breakups are also very common.

Should we conclude that neither in academics nor in such relationship’s students have proper clarity about how to balance or what exactly the requirement is? We shouldn’t read between the lines here. 

Is academics an obstacle? 

Academic pressure is one of the trending terms nowadays. It is apparent from the fact that our prime minister also emphasized “Pariksha pe charcha”. This is not only applicable to primary or high school students but also to students of professional education. Social psychologists define standards as all the norms and expectations regarding what one wants to be. Students nowadays are just trying to meet the standards.

The very vain fact about standards can never be fulfilled as they tend to change when one attains them. Thus, we can say it is an unattainable wish which can’t be turned into a goal. Students don’t only get into books because of financial freedom but also, they want social acceptability. Believe it or not, academics have a vital role to play in social acceptability not only in college but also inside our own homes. This tends to create a lot of pressure and the question remains the same are we running a race that doesn’t contain a finish line? 

Is it a dilemma?

Thus, it becomes very important to answer how students will decide how necessary it is for them to get how many grades. Setting standards that one can’t fulfill is not an option. On the same boat we also have a personal life as students so is this life so is such academic pressure an obstacle here? Indeed, this is not the reality. It is a unanimously accepted fact that academics have a vital role to play in the holistic development of any person and therefore we observe the fight for seats in du after 12th.

The fact is apart from this necessity the personal life of students is vulnerable and that doesn’t allow them to be in healthy relations. There are some relationship goals, but can they be fulfilled if it is not provided with the required time? The problem doesn’t lie in the academics, but it lies in our priority list and balancing. So, the answer to the question of whether it is an obstacle to students’ love life is in practical aspects no until it is not made in that manner. 

The tug of war: – Academics taking over or a balance? 

Love and academics often seem like two opposing forces in the life of a student. The pursuit of academic excellence can consume a significant portion of a student’s time and energy, leaving little room for personal relationships. On the other hand, investing in a romantic relationship requires a lot of time and emotional commitment, potentially diverting attention away from academic pursuits. Striking a balance between these two aspects of life is crucial for a student’s overall well-being and success. 

For many students, the pressure to excel academically can overshadow the desire for romantic involvement. The competitive nature of educational institutions and the high expectations placed on students by society can create a sense of urgency to prioritize studies above all else. As a result, some students may view relationships as distractions or obstacles to their academic goals. 

Conversely, others may find solace and support in romantic relationships during times of academic stress. Having a partner who understands and empathizes with the challenges of student life can provide emotional stability and motivation to stand by storm. However, maintaining a healthy balance between love and academics requires effective time management and communication skills. 

The need is urgent

In some cases, students may struggle to reconcile their academic aspirations with their desire for romantic fulfillment. The fear of failure or disappointment in either realm can lead to feelings of anxiety. Students need to recognize that it’s possible to pursue both academic and romantic goals simultaneously, with careful planning and prioritization. 

Ultimately, the key to finding balance lies in self-awareness and clear communication with oneself and others. Students must assess their priorities and establish boundaries to ensure that neither their academic nor their personal lives overshadow the other. By nurturing both aspects of their lives, students can cultivate a sense of fulfillment and well-being that extends beyond the confines of the classroom. 

Should you love as a college student? 

Being a fresher at college or a teenager standing on the heavy workloads of academics the question is should we go into a relationship that can nurture us? This question is completely meaningless because it is not in our hands. Every physically and mentally fit person with some exceptions is prone to fall in love and has a need and desire to have a good romantic relationship. The thing is we need to strategize how much time is required. And, how come we are going to balance it without dropping a ball? 

Love has a funny way of showing up when we least expect it. Whether it’s meeting someone special in the library or sharing a smile in class, love has a way of finding us, no matter what. 

There is a way forward!

But with all the college stuff we must do, we need to be practical too. Our days are packed with classes, assignments, and exams, leaving little time for anything else, including love. So, we need to be smart about how we spend our time, making sure we don’t neglect our college work for the sake of romance. 

Balancing love and college means planning and deciding what’s most important. It means finding time for our relationships while also making sure we don’t fall behind in our classes. Talking openly and honestly with our partners about our schedules and what we expect from each other can help avoid misunderstandings and fights. 

And having a partner who understands and supports our college goals can make things a lot easier. Someone who cheers us on when we’re studying late or helps us with our assignments can make all the difference. 

In the end, finding love as a teenager or college student is all about finding the right balance. It’s about making time for romance without losing sight of our college goals. With some planning and communication, we can have the best of both worlds: a happy, healthy relationship and success in college. If you have any partner, believe me, he/she is the most precious gift that nature can give you. Please try to respect and maintain that gift.

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