Ways to make your NYE memorable, if you too are home bound as the clock strikes 12

The world is gearing up to welcome 2019. Parties, DJ nights, live concerts and other lit places are where most people manage to make their ways on the NYE. But if you are the one who hates being a part of the crowd, or simply wishes to be in their lazy PJ’s at the midnight and just dreams to welcome the New Year with a bang then… Yes, I feel you!!

There’s a lot more when it comes to enjoying the NYE than just parties. Remember that your close friends, cousins and family are just a phone call away and they come rushing at the name of a house party!! Here are the best ways on how you can plan a memorable NYE without much effort in the comfort of your dear PJ’s and away from the crowd too..!!

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Bonfire and forget the chill!

Sneaking out of the house in the winters of Delhi is itself nightmare-ish! The chill enters your nerves making you reject the idea of moving out of your blanket. Bonfire is here to the rescue, to get the freeze away and have the most of the otherwise chilly NYE. Trust me, this will be the highlight of your party without any effort! *Yayy*

Wine and Dine…

NYE is nothing without some crazy snacks and a glass full of wine. Millennials know how to get this done! With plenty of food delivery apps giving great discounts this season, it is barely an effort to grab your favourite snacks and they taste even delish at half their rates. *Lol!*. Some popcorn-ing with bonfire is also a great idea!

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Game without shame!

Forget all the shame and worries withheld in the past year, enjoy your ass out and play games like Truth and Dare, Dumb Charades or even cards if you know how to play them well! Get everybody’s participation in singing to their tunes, or try karaoke, I bet this is gonna be hilarious!

There ain’t any party without music..!!

What is even a party without the tunes of Diljit and Badshah? Simply download a DJ remix from the internet and get all your guests groovin’ hassle free, shh.. don’t let them know your secret!! And they’ll keep on praising you… ‘Hor das kinniya tareefan chahidiya tennu?’ *Hahaha!!*

Instagramming is important, don’t forget!

Coz you need to show off the effort you put in hosting the party, apparently! Your house party will be lit, and the world needs to watch. Go live or put hundreds of stories but not at the cost of missing out all the fun. Click memories not just pictures! And welcome 2019 with all the zeal and enthusiasm along with your loved ones!

No more wasting NYE in watching award shows, become the LIT in the lives of your dear ones and yourself!!

May your New Year 2019 be as amazing as ever!!

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