List of vocational courses available in Delhi University

List of Vocational Courses available in Delhi University

Everyone knows about the academic courses in Delhi University, but here we are listing some vocational courses which are directed towards the particular field and the aim of the vocational courses is to acquire skill in a particular field and profession. These courses are purely non-academic courses.

1. B.A. (VS) Tourism Management:

A three-year program and one of the hot sector of the economy. Nowadays tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors. This industry will never go out of the scene. Every year many people travel across the country or abroad for the purpose of business or leisure.

The tourism industry also helpful other industries like hotels, resorts, amusement parks, etc.

Those who have excellent communication skills are best fit for this industry.


2. B.A. (VS) Office Management and Secretarial Practice:

This course deals with maintaining office and managing office administration. This course helps you in making a good manager and office administrator. These people are the one who looks after the business processes in a systematic manner. Managers and Office administrator are also the decision maker of a business.


3. B.A. (VS) Management and Marketing of Insurance:

As the name itself explanatory, this course deals with the market for insurance. In this student will get the chance to learn to buy and selling insurance. They will interact with customers also they will get familiarized with the customer behaviour and needs. This course helps students to get introduced to new marketing methods and strategy.


4. B.A. (VS) Small and Medium Enterprises:


This is another hot course in today scenario as this course is related to the startup. SMEs sector plays an important role in our economy. As we can see that in India SMEs sector is growing very rapidly and today’s generation is startup enthusiastic and they want to own a business they don’t like to be ordered. This will also create employment. This course is the best fit for those who all are startup enthusiastic.


6. B.A. (VS) Material Management:

In this course, students will learn how to manage material. This course helps the students to know the importance and need of the material management. This course is mainly related to the supply chain and production. Students will learn how to maximize profit from by keeping a control over the material.


7. B.A. (VS) Human Resource Management:

In a modern world company’s biggest asset is an employee, because behind the successful business there is always the employee’s hard work and effort. Their skills are very important. So it is very important for the company to manage the human resource. It includes selection and recruitment of the employees. This is a very crucial step for every company because they need to hire a right person for the right job at the right time. In this course, students will learn how to recruit and select an employee, how to train them and also learns how to take care of other needs of the employee.


8. B.A. (VS) Marketing Management and Retail Process:

In today’s scenario retail is rapidly growing in the marketing sector. This course helps the student in learning about retail sector. Also, students will get a chance to know about marketing. Also, they have great opportunities in marketing, advertising and public relation. This course is the best fit for those who are extrovert and love to interact with people.


9. Advanced Diploma in TV Programme & News Production:

Today everyone wants to be aware of whatever is going on in the world. Everyone wants to know news and information. In this course, students will know about the TV industry. As TV industry is very vast so they will get the full insight about the TV industry. This is a 2-year Programme. If a student leaves the course after 1st semester then he will get the certificate of TV Programme and News Production. If the student leaves the course after 12 months then he will get the Diploma in TV Programme & News Production.


10. B.Voc. in Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) Sector (Banking Operations):

This course will benefit those students who want to get into banking and insurance.

In this course, students will strengthen their skills and gain knowledge in banking and Insurance sector. This course also benefits in providing employment. Also, if a student gets a job in this sector, then he will not only get insight but he will contribute to the development of a country’s economy.


11. B.Voc. in printing technology:

The printing industry is one of the fastest growing industry. Advertising agencies, newspaper agencies, product packaging is increasing rapidly. Printing is a way of expressing and it’s a very powerful tool in marketing. In this course, students will learn the whole technology and process of printing.


12. B.Voc. in web designing:

This course gives the ability to students to make websites or web pages. In the digital world, there is a high demand for web designers and graphic designers.


13. B.Voc. in Healthcare:

Healthcare sector is one of the biggest sectors in India. India has a very large population and due to the large population, we need the more human resource in this sector. Those who are interested in this sector can have the opportunity like hospital front office executive, patient relation executive, duty officer, etc.

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